Two more sleeps.

There is a small safe in the wardrobe in the bedroom, that is just Classical Greek. I don’t mean it’s covered in ancient script but the small note above it says,”To operate safe press 436e” You try that and nothing happens, you try again and still no luck. Your eye is drawn to the small writing at the bottom of the paper that says,” Please do not remove.” And then you catch “P.T.O.” And on the reverse it says,”The code doesn’t work by the way. Use the long key on the key ring.” That is what I mean by Classical Greek.

Beautiful flowers and small stick insect or baby praying mantis? Pass.

Last night we didn’t end up in Gaios, instead we went to the middle of the island to Magazia, to a cute little taverna that sits on the hill before you drop down to Loggos one way or Lakka the other. Because of the rain the tables they normally have outside were not there so space was at a premium. I didn’t realise by how much until the waitress greeted us with words I never thought I would hear uttered in a Greek Taverna,”Kalispera. Have you booked?” Well no we hadn’t but they managed to squeeze us in. Other couples arriving after us were not so lucky and incredibly got turned away.

The predicted storm continuation never happened and in the morning the sun came up and stayed up.

We lazed by the pool and then headed towards Lakka for lunch. The sun shone brightly on the village compared to our last visit. We sat in the amazing restaurant that now occupies the once deserted beach; sorry I am going back a bit here again.

I loved the Ferrari sign on the side of this……well I don’t know quite what to call it. They were once just about the only means of transport, apart from the ancient bus, motorbikes or donkeys. The steps reminded me so much of the classic Laurel & Hardy film where they try to get an upright piano up the steps but continually fail. Never seen it? You haven’t lived.

The sea was still the amazing colour that it always has been but everyone was a bit cheek to jowl for my liking. Mary did manage a paddle in the very warm waters.

We met up with Yunion’s son preparing for dinner tonight. We explained the years past and what we thought of his fathers brilliant stuffed tomatoes. He was born in 1976; he said he would pass our regards on to his father and kept saying, rather emotionally,”I don’t know what to say.” It was a lovely moment but we never got his name! Twits.

Heading for the villa we deviated to another beach and this had changed beyond recognition. A huge taverna, a swimming pool and rows of again cheek to jowl folk occupied the sun loungers. I suddenly felt like a time traveller until Mary reminded me that we had said one day someone will change this and bung a taverna here. “Beam me up Scotty, back to 1978!”.

Most folk were in the water but gee it was crowded the other way but a lot of folk were topless and I didn’t  want to get my face smacked, now did I? Back to the villa and Malcolm had a swim and then Pennie sent us a link alerting us to the dreadful happenings in Kalamata. Why do I think the BBC would not have featured this story but I bet you know what Trump said yesterday. Three people dead, flash floods the whole place turned upside down and mud everywhere. Google “Kalamata floods” and see for yourself. By comparison we got off very, very lightly.  So that’s the end of any moaning about the rain from us, compared to those poor folk we just had a shower. We have flown into Kalamta airport many times on our way to Aghios Nikolas and we really feel for those poor people over there. Life ain’t so bad on Paxos and our last day looks like it will be just fine.

Thank you you for reading M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷