We got away with it once……..

But alas not twice. The lightening started around two o’clock, tailed off but started again in earnest at about four thirty. And the heavens opened and then some. Those bright flashes illuminate briefly the whole of the sea and the Cypress tree shadows dance wildly on the bedroom curtains. Then crash as the thunder hits the air waves and the splintering sound erupts and echoes across the water. So this is Thursday and it just hasn’t got off to a good start. The rain eased after breakfast and we ventured off towards Mongonisi island which can be approached across a narrow strip of land and is famous for its sandy beach. The beach was there alright but emptier than I have ever seen it; in fact there was no one on it all.

The sun loungers remained piled up and the wind blew. We sat and had a beer and a coffee in the very smart taverna, which back in the day was a pretty ramshackle excuse for an eatery.

The taverna the same as the beach and not heavily patronised but a lovely catamaran in the harbour, just to prove I do know what one looks like……..see later.

There are an awful lot of olive trees on Paxos, indeed at one time there were over 150 olive presses working here. When the wind blows a gale as it has done today, the whole of the island groans and moans; sounding as though Poseidon himself has returned to shatter the island even further than he did in the first place, allegedly making it with his trident, when he separated it from the southern tip of Corfu. If ever you visit here you will notice that the trident is now the symbol of the island. Mythology or truth?

It began to rain again so we headed back to the villa for lunch, passing this strange beast anchored off shore on the way. If any of our nautical chums have a clue what it is, we sure would love to know. At first we thought it was a catamaran but we have decided that the pointy bit at the front (the bow) was just one piece and not divided into two.


If that’s the front door at the front of the vessel, you would need a pair of wellies to come visiting.

So lunch and at about three the sun came out and a scramble to sit outside by the pool. Oh dear, so short lived at five the heavens opened again and more rain danced on the patio.

All the floors in the villa look like they are wood, including the shower. I wonder where the idea of the pattern came from? Oh, that tree looks as though it may know something.

The said shower and a now slightly faded slogan from the side of the supermarket in Lakka, that in 1978 looked pristine. OK, all for now as we are off to Gaios, to eat. At least today’s blog is today and tomorrow I will let you know of any more flying flowerpots during dinner.

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Wednesday and sunshine?

The forecast was horrendous, storms by 0600 and ghastly all day. It just didn’t happen; the sun came up and stayed up. We drove over to the west coast and found a lovely little taverna for a beer for Mary and a Diet Coke for me. I know, I know……even I find it hard to believe. We headed for Loggos again and had lunch at a fish restaurant that has been there since the year dot. Well at least since 1978!  Delicious huge sea bream shared between the two of us.


The West coast above is spectacular.

Mary fell into conversation with a lady who turned out to be the daughter of the owner of the restaurant, who is sadly no longer with us. When Mary said our first visit was in 1978, the lovely lady nearly fell off her seat. We then walked to a beach we knew well; it was here Zach had his first Greek swim, when we all went on holiday together; Laura, Laurent, Zach, Hannah, Dean and myself and Mary. Mary and I sat for a while but she was a little wistful watching everyone else in the water except herself, so we headed back to the villa.

Loggos and Loggos beach.

We got back to the villa and I had a small swim in the pool, just for the record I also had one on Monday afternoon; then we headed for Gaios. Back to the same taverna as Monday night, well the food had been good, the music sutuably Greek and the waitress not unattractive. The food was again delicious, chicken, Greek salad and Mary once again plumped for the courgette balls. And then, of course, there are the cats. Always be careful pulling out the chair as you sit at your table, for there may well be a dozing moggy on board.

And of course they surround your table as you eat and look so, so, so appealing you just have to feed them, don’t you?

But then, mid Greek salad, the most bizarre thing happened. Two old Greek ladies dressed as they do, mostly in black, were happily sat by the taverna entrance chewing over the events of the day. The entrance had large windows either side with window ledges that contained pretty potted plants of varying varieties. Mary watched in amazement as one of the pots dropped happily off the ledge and straight onto one of the poor old dears head, and then spilling its contents of black soil and plant, proceeded onwards to the floor. Benny Hill would have been proud of such a comedy moment but this was actually happening. It was funny but serious at the same time; one of those very confusing moments in life. Luckily she didn’t fall to the floor in an unconscious state but stoically remained upright and seated, while the waitress dabbed the top of her head where the wretched pot had obviously inflicted some sort of luckily not too serious flesh wound. Like all those type of Greek ladies she was of completely indeterminate age and to recover her equilibrium, she lit up a cigarette and inhaled both with relief and delight. No smoking in restaurants, what the EU regulation, oh that old chestnut. Ah, I think I have mentioned before and especially in Lefkada last year; that little gem does seem to have passed the Greek islands by. And once more, what I have said before is, I don’t mind a dear Greek old lady doing it after a nasty incident like that but what I really object to is English folk,  going somewhere abroad to inflict this habbit on others knowing full well they are no longer allowed to practise this affliction at home. Rant over, till next time.

I recognise the oil, the dressing and the hidden salt cellar, but what is that funny looking round thing on the table? The Metaxa came in handy and it is standing by for tomorrow because the forecast is once more absolutely dire. The storm is due to hit at either two in the morning or six, depending on which forecast you have read. Perhaps tomorrow’s blog will be just nice sunny pictures from past days (Monday & Wednesday) or as we got away with a wrong forecast today (Wednesday) let’s hope the guys with the pine cones get it all wrong again tomorrow.

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