Switzerland day 4 and its all over till next time.

Glorious start to the day, blue sky and bright sun. We seem to be captured by this bush/tree/plant but it is truly stunning.


So  onwards to the swings at Romont and I think we may end up where we started on Tuesday for lunch 🍴 in what we call the chicken restaurant. Chicken 🍗 in a basket is one of the house specialities. We were both musing on why as the supermarket is packed with vegetables very few seem to find their way to the restaurant tables.

The swings were deserted, which came as a surprise.


But the forest in which they are situated was looking beautiful. Even little people are getting the hang of the sliding rope.

And by the look of things the air traffic controllers had been having a busy morning. Off as predicted to the chicken restaurant and a delightful plate of perche and frites. So we leave our new budding photographer and the cats to the rest of the week. Our B.A. Flight is calling and as always we shall return but the colours of this wonderful season are imprinted in our psychi.

Thank you for reading Mary & Malcolm 👍🇨🇭🍷✈️

Switzerland day three

The forecast was for no rain at all today. Hurrah! Slight shock when three painters arrived at the farm and peered in through the bathroom window. We had wondered what the scaffolding outside was for but luckily they immediately masked the window from the outside (it neither has curtains or frosted glass on the inside!) so at least you could feel relaxed cleaning your teeth and doing other essential morning bathroom tasks.

Such a pretty, almost “film set” like location.

With both children now dressing themselves and brushing their teeth we sped off to Gruyères, looking wonderful in the autumn light. We climbed up to the old castle and took a picture at the exact spot where Malcolm’s mum had been photographed many years ago.  So four generations have now been seen there and no that’s not Malcolm’s mum on the right.

Full of amazing architecture and a really good knocker for my chum Malcolm.

The statue is outside the Giger museum, he was the chap most famous for having designed the alien from the film “Alien” starring Sigourney Weaver.  What a difference a bit of sun makes to the surroundings and indeed your mood.

We nearly ate in the cheese factory restaurant, down below, which even though we got there at 12-20 pm was rammed. We would have to wait for one hour we were told, so we headed back up the hill to the village and found a table in Hotel de la Fleurs de Lys, where we have eaten on many previous occasions. Laurent joining us just in time to order. Excellent food, excellent service; I feel a small review in Trip Advisor coming on!

A grabbed shot with Safi unfortunately slightly soft but a charming picture. So back to the farm and Safi grabbed Mary’s iPad but Zach turned into a carpenter with Laurent and started building a box. A good and happy day. No rows, no tears, nearly November.

Thanks for reading. Mary & Malcolm 🌞🌞🇨🇭🇨🇭👍

Switzerland day 2

Only one more day left technically, as we are flying back on Friday night. When they are good they are very, very good and when……..well they are not often wicked, just cute.

Zach on the left, Safi on the right. A very rainy soggy day and a normal shop in the co-op came to £214 , for loo rolls, bread, cheese etc. mainly just basics on the whole. Thanks to all the Brexit voters for lowering the pound so much.

Tomorrow the sun will shine and hopefully we will get to Gruyers, which we know and love for lunch.

That’s the inside of the crazy hire car and the sun on that tree I took yesterday. Mary’s picture this time!

Just fingers crossed tomorrow is a better day weather wise!

Thanks for reading,

Mary & Malcolm 🇨🇭😀👍




🇨🇭 The rain seems to follow us around the world! We arrived in pouring rain. The cloud was so low, it actually was like driving in fog; visibility being especially bad on the dual carriageway from Geneva airport.

The hire car was a joke. The very nice lady at Avis said she would give me a free upgrade to really nice big Mercedes. What I didn’t realise was that it looked like they had borrowed it from a nearby undertakers


We both laughed for about five minutes before we could drive off in it, hoping not to be followed by several mourners. Certainly the most bizarre hire car to date.

There is new decking at the farm and despite the rain, the colours are stunning; lets hope the sun comes out to show them off to better effect.

So as the clouds clear from the valley, tomorrow is another day. Not too sure what we will be doing but tune in again to find out!


Thanks for reading,

Mary & Malcolm 🇨🇭😉