A few words and pictures about Tuesday.

So it’s Tuesday, so it more or less rained all day. So the thunder and lightening packed in around midday. We finally left the villa at four and went to Lakka and then back to Loggos, which was pretty flooded on the main road. Lakka main square was very deserted and we shall have to return if we want to bump into young Theo and Yunion; who spells his name completely differently. But Diogenis, still above the door of Theo’s place.

The full story of Laura, Lakka baby or not, is that we went there and stayed in Lakka in September 1978 and returned the following May. We just had to get back as soon as possible to the island we had both fallen in love with. Mary by this time was pregnant with Laura but what Theo didn’t know was that is was only by three months but he decided there and then Laura had been conceived on Paxos. In those days we watched the women come with their cans and buckets to the water pump in the square and fill them up between two and four in the afternoon I  believe the time was, it was then turned off till the following day. Times thankfully have moved on since then and the olive press just outside where we stayed is now a supermarket. The noise of the men rolling the oil drums around used to wake us early in the morning and we noticed those appartments (well single rooms actually) now have air conditioning; what luxury.

Above is the harbour road in Loggos on Monday and from the other angle (we couldn’t get through) on Tuesday.

We travelled straight to Gaios, after failing to get to the bar in Loggos. Ate in the square for €34 but that included coffee and an ice cream (😱) and trundled home to the Metaxa and Ouzo.

Sweet dreams, the forecast for Wednesday is naff. ⚡️⚡️☔️☔️

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