Tuesday; just travelling 🚗 🧳🚢 🚗

The wretched spellcheck wants to spell “travelling” with one “l”. Last night we ate dinner back at “Mike’s Palace” where we had encountered that huge lunch and luckily split a lasagna between the two of us; the lunch encounter standing us in good stead. Dinner the first night had been at the hotel in Valdez; in the restaurant straight past the check-in lobby but, you guessed it, you couldn’t put the bill on your room because it wasn’t connected. No, of course not. Dinner the second night we opted for a very passable Chinese! But the expression on the waitresses face, when I asked if they did prawn crackers, had to be seen to be believed. Funny how some things just don’t travel?

Ah yes, the pictures from the crew of the Wilderness Explorer:

They had some BIG lenses, so caught some wonderful moments:

Especially Mary trying to play a Bull Kelp, piece of seaweed! 🤣 Thanks the wonderful crew! So, farewell Valdez and hello Seward and bye, bye our second Moose but still yet to see a live one.

Let me just say here, that Valdez, just like Kennicott, was ‘beggar’ and ‘spaced out’ people free. These are the first places to be so on our trip so far; and it is a very sad indictment on many major cities, that they all suffer from this dreadful affliction. The fact that Juno, the capital of Alaska, had its fair share of such unfortunates wandering the streets did slightly set me back. Dear me, it’s not that big a city, that surely something could be done? But as Mary said, sometimes these folk are either beyond help or just don’t want it. However, I do know that if I was head of the Juno tourist board, I would do everything in my power to try to solve this problem; it really is not a pleasant sight.

On to the ferry and onwards to happier tidings:

The guy checking the tickets asked me what we thought of the Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt situation! Blown away, by a man in Alaska at seven a.m.  getting political names so spot on to ask political questions about. I replied, that we were both delighted to be where we were and away from it all. An amazing five and a half hour journey, which included sightings of Orcas, Dall porpoises, sea otters, bald eagles, and more floating bits of ice.

They were brief sightings; we are off on a proper boat trip tomorrow, so hopefully decent snaps. It was bliss,  just sailing along and the Bald Eagle was “Sam” straight out of Sesame Street.

Off the ferry and through a tunnel 2.5 miles long but one way at a time. It’s the longest in in North America and was made to withstand – 40f and 150 mile an hour winds. So, a bit of a wait to get through and it’s the same tunnel that the railway uses; you literally drive along the tracks! I guess if you hear a whistle you slam your car in reverse and pray. 🥴🚂🚂🚂

A stop for lunch and we could smell smoke and we were back two years ago, in British Columbia; a Forest Fire was burning about 8 miles up the road but luckily at a fork junction, we went left to Seward and the fire was to the right.

A nice big room in the Seward Harbor (😡) 360 Hotel and complete with balcony! Not too shabby a view, I think you’ll agree. 😃 No restaurant, so off down along the waterfront to see what’s cooking.

Thank you for reading and as always, thoughts always appreciated. M & M 👍🦅🚢

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Malcolm and Mary

Malcolm worked for LWT. Mary worked for TRL. They live near Camberley in Surrey and did achieve their life long ambition to visit New Zealand. They have two daughters Laura and Hannah and two grandchildren Zach & Safi. Having done the big trip they then went to Canada, which was amazing. Scroll down it’s all here. They have visited Venice that they both so fell in love with in 2009 again. And recently returned to Lefkada for one week in glorious sunshine. Where next? Well, Canada is calling again in 2019; this time including Alaska. So stay tuned if you enjoy the ups and downs of travelling.

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