Sunday June 23rd, and it’s off to the launderette.

Finally almost back on track! But this hotel room at the Best Western, Valdez Harbor (I know, I know!) Inn, is on a comparable size with the room at the Kennicott Glacier Lodge but this room has a TV, a phone, a coffee/tea maker, a fridge, a message machine, an alarm clock, a dvd/cd player, a hair dryer and a microwave!

Mary’s shot from the plane.        Three nights here will be fine.(Valdez)

As I said, the staff at the Kennicott Glacier were fabulous. At breakfast I asked Samantha for some tomato ketchup. (Always on the table for dinner but never for breakfast….everywhere.) She brought it and asked for my name; this turned out to be purely coincidental, like asking for your room number for breakfast. I thought she meant the ketchup was extra and I had to pay for it, and she fell about. The following day she put the slip down for me to sign and said, “Your Bill, and ketchup $6!” So the moment had stuck in her mind. At lunch she had a long chat with us, she being from Ohio and it was her second season. “I wanted to chat with you, as you are quiet and undemanding people.” Not many British folk pass this way apparently. And we must, it being near the end of service, have chatted for a good fifteen minutes. Talking of breakfast; as the nation that invented the baked bean, why are they never on offer in the mornings, anywhere? Discuss.

On Saturday morning, it was raining and the cloud malfunction had been so rare, (sunshine) a wag from the hotel wrote the above on the board! As the small plane came back into to land at Chitina, there were some metallic looking water wheels in the river just shy of the air strip. Mary asked what they were and received the reply, “They are for the salmon.” “Oh! To help them up stream to spawn?” “Nope, to catch them for us to eat!” Gulp. 🐟🐟

The swallows were all over McCarthy.   The old mill we looked round.

I have to say at this point of just over half way through (🙁) our break, that Audley travel, the people who put this package together and especially Anna, with all her hard work, have done an amazing job. I know Anna is following this blog; so from both of us thank you so much. Two years ago our visit to B.C. was phenomenal but this, so far, has been awesome. There! I’m even speaking Alaskan. 😉

All a bit out of order but more tonight; the laundry visit having been a triumph.

Away to explore Valdez. M & M ⚓️🚢🦅🍷🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Malcolm and Mary

Malcolm worked for LWT. Mary worked for TRL. They live near Camberley in Surrey and did achieve their life long ambition to visit New Zealand. They have two daughters Laura and Hannah and two grandchildren Zach & Safi. Having done the big trip they then went to Canada, which was amazing. Scroll down it’s all here. They have visited Venice that they both so fell in love with in 2009 again. And recently returned to Lefkada for one week in glorious sunshine. Where next? Well, Canada is calling again in 2019; this time including Alaska. So stay tuned if you enjoy the ups and downs of travelling.

2 thoughts on “Sunday June 23rd, and it’s off to the launderette.”

  1. The geographer in me is absolutely loving Mary’s ‘from the plane’ photo. I could teach a whole series of lessons on glaciers from it!!
    Still loving this adventure ( but not that plane!!!!!) xx

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