If it’s Tuesday it’s a long drive on a bus through Denali National Park.

We were on the bus and it left at 0630. It was to be 90 miles there and 90 miles back. Our guide Melanie was fantastic; former career …….. actress and singer. Present career ………. bus driver extraordinaire and guide but still sings with her husband at hotels various twice a week. Terry Ashe, hope for you yet; why not drive them, instead of riding them?

The bus was called Harry. The scenery was spectacular and well beyond description. We were so lucky with so many sightings of bears, Arctic Ground squirrels, Golden eagles, caribou, and Dall’s sheep.

Its going to be a short blog tonight, as we didn’t get back till 7pm; a bit like the night round these parts! Mary got some great shots which we shall include in tomorrow’s piece, as it’s another travel day this time to Fairbanks, although it is a reasonably short drive.

I did concentrate more on the video. The park is six million acres; read that again! It’s huge and then some. Dinosaur  bones were discovered here in only 2016, and fossils in 2006 by a student; who when with a professor out in the field who was describing them, the student pointed at a rock and said, “Like this?” Eureka moment engaged.

It was a magical day and I am sure that the Park employs folk to go round late at night in order to collect up all the dropped jaws that have fallen onto the roads and pathways during the day. Mine seemed to be constantly open. After lunch I watched a “mushers” team and Mary panned for gold. More detail tomorrow.

Our lovely driver, said she lives with her husband in a fairly small house that has no running water but does have wi-fi. Welcome to the 21st century in Alaska everybody and go figure.

Comments always welcome. Some thoughts on Trump and a shot of the small but beautifully marked car tomorrow.

🐿🐿 Amazing, amazing day. M & M 🇺🇸🚗 🦅🐻🦌 🇺🇸

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Malcolm and Mary

Malcolm worked for LWT. Mary worked for TRL. They live near Camberley in Surrey and did achieve their life long ambition to visit New Zealand. They have two daughters Laura and Hannah and two grandchildren Zach & Safi. Having done the big trip they then went to Canada, which was amazing. Scroll down it’s all here. They have visited Venice that they both so fell in love with in 2009 again. And recently returned to Lefkada for one week in glorious sunshine. Where next? Well, Canada is calling again in 2019; this time including Alaska. So stay tuned if you enjoy the ups and downs of travelling.

8 thoughts on “If it’s Tuesday it’s a long drive on a bus through Denali National Park.”

  1. Hello, you two, I am on facebook this morning, and have only now seen your blog, I am well behind! But I am catching up, starting from 01/07, I have just arrived at this date, and I see you have mentioned me! Ha! Ha! yes maybe you’re right! What a fab time you have had, I am very jealous! Enjoy the rest of your amazing holiday!

  2. Loving this trip! You certainly seem to be seeing some amazing scenery and wildlife… sunrise so early must be amazing too! Live to you both

  3. And still the fantastic holiday continues! Looked at the pictures of the park you visited – couldn’t see any tennis courts or swings and definitely no ice cream van. Keep enjoying it – the weather here is rubbish.

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