Our last day.

A leisurely breakfast, in the once more uncrowded breakfast room at the hotel. It’s funny when you arrive and no one else is there, as we did on Thursday; suddenly when there is an invasion of other guests, you hate them all. Well I do; they have sort of invaded your privacy. Silly really but, anyone else ever get that? No? OK, just me then.

They must have been well wrapped up in that balloon, this morning! Anyway, I digress. Off to the Christmas market we went in Montreaux. We parked, more by luck than good judgement, in exactly the right spot in an underground car park. We popped up two flights of stairs and came out almost bang in the middle of the market by a statue of Freddie Mercury, bedecked with tributes, as the anniversary of his death was last Saturday.

The entrance to the car park was just to the left of his statue and the market was beautifully quiet. When we came last year at the weekend, it was heaving. A stroll round the stalls and blow me down there was our ceramic plate maker. We have purchased over the years a number of these red jigsaw pieces, from his shop in Fribourg and there he was with his stall all laid out with his many products.

We had a good old mooch round, as my dear old granny used to say and made one or two purchases and then headed for lunch.

A drive back to Geneva along by the lake, which made a lovely change from our normal motorway approach, despite the weather being pretty grey and drab. We arrived amazingly early at the airport but eventually checked the luggage in and went airside. A very uneventful flight and landed bang on time at 9-15 pm. We left the airport just before ten past ten. So our record breaking time of thirty minutes from landing and then out of the door still stands.

Now Heathrow does confuse me. If you end up landing at a C Gate at Terminal 5, it will take you longer to get out because you have to catch the shuttle. But someone in passport control must know a great crowd of folk are heading towards them, mustn’t they? Then in that case why are all the eye scanning machines not already turned on? As we rounded the corner into the customs hall a maximum of six (?) must have been lit up green and ready to go. All the rest were showing red; result complete turmoil. People realising this, so suddenly back tracking and heading for the normal passport exit, where the real live person checks your passport. People standing hopefully in front of machines showing red and then getting angry because nothing was happening. People running in different directions not knowing where to go for the best and a load of customs people, looking just as confused as the passengers. Happy days. Once more, more by luck than good judgement, we happened to be standing in front of a machine in the queue for the real checker, when it magically turned green and we both dived for it. Freedom!

That just about wraps it up.  As always thank you for reading, and until next time take lots of care. M & M 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🥂

And finally, a remarkably empty Geneva airport and one more shot of those adorable monkeys!