Friday….It rained! 😱

We realise, as we drive round, that every time we do glimpse a cat now scurrying into the olive groves or into a villa that we both cheer! Many years ago on Paxos, we took a small photo album out on our second visit, to show our new found friends in Yani’s bar what our life was like back in the UK. The album contained quite a few pictures of our lovely first cat “Dickens.” Theo, father of Yani, and fisherman of the sea looked through the pictures and at the end said, “You love your cat too much, I think.” Which says it all about us and those wonderful four legged chums we have had over the years.

To the hotel beach after breakfast and impossibly after our first swim, it began to rain! We had planned to go to a beach for lunch, near a villa we had rented in the past so we moved a little quicker than anticipated. You could hardly call it a shower it passed so quickly but I did learn where my windscreen wipers were! The villa is below and some gorgeous creature on the beach.

The Taverna on the beach has changed little; obviously a few improvements here and there but basically the same. It’s the one where I once thought I had ordered a ham omelette and two eggs and two slices of bacon came! We sat down to eat, the sun now shinning brightly and then the family from hell arrived. “Hello mate, alright? Yes, there’s goin’ to be nine of us.” Our hearts sank. Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people from Essex; for Christ’s sake I was born there myself! But I do cringe at people who think they can be understood better by shouting at innocent Greeks. And I do cringe at people who can’t even be arsed to learn the word for please or thank you. And I do cringe………….I’ll stop there.

Mary bravely trying to snorkel but the wind had got up and you did feel like a cork being buffeted from side to side. A group of folk were playing cards on a boat in the bay and it was swaying backwards and forwards so much, they didn’t need to change places to get an even tan! 😄😆 So we packed up and headed back to the hotel for a swim in the pool and at six o’clock it was still very hot. The exact temperature for today is not ‘officially ‘ known yet but I will report tomorrow, our last day…😥😳

I haven’t taken as many photos in the olive groves as I should nor as many wayside shrines as I was hoping to. Just have to come back, I guess? 😎😎 Can’t think of any other way round that problem, can you? 🤔🤔🤔

No, me neither! Tomorrow, who knows? Dinner tonight in the village and early to bed. Be lucky, hope you enjoy the read. Last one tomorrow. (That was a very loud cheer!) The island we went to on the ferry yesterday was ‘Meganissi!’ And the chef here agrees with us, that there is something about Nidri, ⛱  that we all dislike intensely but he couldn’t even find a Greek word for it. 🤣😄😄🤣

Take care M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷😥⚓️🍷🍷🍽







Thursday. “The temperature is going to be how much tomorrow?”

Glorious day, yet again. So lucky with this weather. A lovely meal in the Taverna in the village last night. Still no sign of cats but off to Maganissi on the ferry at 12-15 today so fingers crossed for some sightings. The ferry goes from Nidri and this is what is wrong with this place; like Blackpool in the sun.

Sorry but just appalling; is it me? Anyway, fairwell Dalton’s Grill House and hello slightly more authentic Greece, and hello sailor!

And a clever shot by Mary, turning the ships bits into a frame and another one by me playing with my new found camera button. I will stop probably, honest!

And how much does an upside down Greek urn? Enough to pay the parking ticket, on this rather nice car? At least the policeman gave the owner a fighting chance by blowing his whistle two or three times before popping the ticket under the wiper blade.

We lunch in our favourite restaurant in Vathi and the young waiter complimented me on my Greek accent and then tells us the new ferry arriving place (a port technically) has been there for ten years; we are gob smacked. But suddenly there they are, at last!

And all of them looking at our very Greek meal, Greek salad, Beetroot salad, Beans and OK sorry French fries; mia potates! Mary chatted to a chap on the ferry and they want to retire out here and his wife wants to start a cat sanctuary; we should have told her not to bother in Poros, as there aren’t any!

Back on the ferry for dinner at the hotel; ah and why not, the food is exceptional. And we have decided that tomorrow night will be back in the village to eat and our last night, on the eve of our wedding anniversary will be back in the hotel. Sorted! I had the fish baked in paper which had potatoes, carrots (!) and courgettes (!).

Oh yes, and we have seen some exotic creatures on our journeys various.

Tomorrow the forecast is saying it will reach 100 degrees in old money by three o’clock! Really? Ouch. We will let you know what happens.

Take care M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷⚓️🚢🚢⛱⛱😸😸