Wednesday…….We’re busy 🎵doing nothing 🎶🎵🎶

Last night we ate in the hotel and it just proved how generous a gesture that ‘welcome dinner’ was on Sunday evening and how amazingly cheap the Taverna on Monday night was! But the food last night was delicious and Mary lookin* as glamorous as ever!

The tables are beautifully laid up and below we could see the pedalloes bobbing.

And after breakfast I had two swims in the sea and past the time by playing with the camera. Sometimes I found the ‘change’ button, sometimes I didn’t!

I was quite pleased with the red kayaks. Happy days. A suspicious tin in the bushes made us wonder but as we haven’t seen any snakes I guess it’s working!

Mary concentrated on flowers and beautiful they are at this time of year!

So that it was it, a truly uneventful and totally relaxing day. Nothing else to do but admire the view or study your feet!

Tomorrow, a little bit more energetic, as we are off on the ferry to Meganisi and having stayed there twice, it is very familiar to us. So I will leave you till tomorrow, with the distant sound of Mary drying the bath mat with the hair dryer. Don’t ask! 😆🤣😆😄🤔😆


As always, take care! M & M 🇬🇷🍻😼🐍🐍🦎