Tuesday; this is going too fast!

More swimming today in the sea today before lunch. And away to Sivota for a walk and a very cheap feast! Lunch for €29! And the first official sighting of a cat! Can you spot him?

Yes, nestled in Mary’s elbow but there certainly weren’t the numbers here either, that there had been before. And the ducks were all gone! Just two rather unhappy gentlemen, searching for feminine company. Before there was fresh water and food out for them. What’s going on? But there were swifts flying around, nest building.

Back to the hotel and a swim in the pool. How to spend a lazy day in three easy stages. Mary peering from the pool down at me and some of her flowers. Just bliss; we are so lucky.

It is a truly, (have I said this before?), beautiful spot.

Till tomorrow’s hustle and bustle! M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷😼🤔🤔




Now where was I?

Ah yes, lunch overlooking where we had swum. This is such a beautiful, relaxing setting.

And while eating lunch, I discovered a setting on my camera, the little Sony that I bought for our Canadian trip, that I never knew I had! And of course, I began to experiment!

We returned to swim and simply while away the afternoon. In the company of a very smiley companion. (He was called Pegasus, as his owner said, “horses for courses.” I presume bought while they were away at lunch!”) And then a relax by the pool and more experimentation.

Dinner was in a Taverna we frequented last time and the young waiter recognised us. Mary’s stunning looks, obviously! His brother who had been the main ‘lead’ last time, now ran a post office in Athens he reported. Much more sensible hours, we imagine. Mary had spaghetti and prawns and I had chicken, which came with chips and nothing else. So I was forced to order carrot cake for desert simply to get some vegetables! 😆😄 And then slowly we realised something…………..no cats. No cats anywhere. But there are always cats!

Of course, then it dawned on us that the whole car trip down from the main road, through the hamlet of Poros (The village never has floods………..I’ll get me coat.) on Sunday, we had indeed only seen one cat. We had to ask. He explained he had been forced to ban them from the restaurant, mainly on health grounds. Not good because they had been sleeping on the tables, food hygiene was important etc.etc. We nodded wisely, in agreement but then began to wonder how do you ban them? We both gulped. We will investigate this further but you do wonder, we both know most of them were feral, if his kitchen won’t be overrun by mice 🐁 or even worse 🐁🐁 in a couple of years time.

And as we gazed at the collection of hats, Mary assuming these had all been left behind by punters being engulfed by the magical properties of Ouzo; the sun slowly set over the mountains on our first full day in the land we have always, so loved.

Thanks for reading. M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷😼🐁🐀🦐🍤🍤😼