How lucky! It’s just as we remember!

Flight took off bang on time, after smoked salmon and scrambled egg in Gordon Ramsey’s! Then a flight that dodged the storms, thank you nice B.A. pilot, really smooth flight; but what a faff the check in was. Started the process; it then stopped at putting in the e ticket number, so we had to queue to see the nice lady. “Sorry, it’s not picking up charter flights, hence the long queue.” Boarding pass was issued and we then joined the next long queue to check ourselves in at the bag drop desk. 😱😱😱 Lots of terminals not working; always such a relaxed and tranquil start to your adventure.

The arrival in Greece was slightly ahead of time but three flights had the audacity to arrive almost simultaneously. So let’s put the Heathrow luggage on the Gatwick arrivals carousel and visa versa, just for fun! Took over an hour to get out, with people running from carousel to carousel, in the usual Greek chaotic, jocular fashion.

But look at that bed and now – the views. From our balcony and the bar area to the pool.

And the meal tonight was on the house! Starter, main course and dessert for free! Well, blow me down what a start and all we paid for was the wine €19.50 for a bottle. Welcome to Greece and the weather looks great for the week; getting to the 90’s by the end of the week! Really! Last time we had thunderstorms. The hire car is a tiny, sweet little Fiat but hey you wouldn’t drive the Lexus round some of these roads. And that’s it till tomorrow, a lift full of mirrors but no smoke.

Thanks for reading. Comments, as always, very welcome.

M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷🍴🍽☕️🍾🍾