A few more lose ends.

As predicted we did spend most of our anniversary at the airport or in the air. Why tell you now, so long after? Well, Mary did think the tale was worth the telling.

After our last dinner in those beautiful surroundings, I was so pleased that I had remembered to take an anniversary card out to Greece and hide it all week until the Sunday morning and so had Mary! Altogether, “Sweet!” A last look round the hotel; bidding everyone, “Kalo kalokeri!” (Good summer.) And paying the bill which didn’t seem terribly excessive.

After our final lovely breakfast; it was goodbye to the room and balcony and that view and away to the airport. A pleasant enough drive and still musing on the fact that I really hadn’t taken enough olive grove pictures this time. You do need an excuse to go back, don’t you?

The airport was pretty crowded with a Gatwick flight checking in; so we sat and ate our sandwiches bought on the way for half the price of the airport ones. (Even in Greece, those airport prices can sting.) Then finally the flight was called to the check in desks and we slowly queued in a much cooler airport than we remembered. Our line didn’t seem to be moving as quickly as the others; mind you I always manage to pick the wrong one even in the post office or Waitrose. Then slowly, once we could see the check in lady, it dawned on us why. Every time an announcement had to be made, our check in lady left her position, sauntered to the microphone position, made the announcement and then sauntered back. It seemed we had arrived at peek announcement time because this occurrence could hardly be described as infrequent. 😆😄😆

Only in Greece; and as dear Laura pointed out, it just wouldn’t be Greece without this sort of thing. So the queue proceeded at a snails pace but then insult was added to injury and she (the check in lady) departed for ventures new and abandoned her position completely. Laugh? What do you think? Now we were instructed to take it in turns with the queue next door and synchronise, one from this queue and now one from that queue. Hysterical. I stood quietly waiting for the fight to break out because this was stretching even the British love of queuing to way beyond breaking point. We queue jumped at one point, no not pushing in to the front, but to another queue completely but then that all got held up.

Finally we made it to the desk and proudly showed the lady the receipt for our reserved seats,  which we had pre booked back home, positioning ourselves in row two. She couldn’t book us into these seats, presumably because we had reserved them! Laugh? So, a long protracted kerfuffle ensued with thank goodness eventual success, but only after consultation with fellow check in ladies, delaying the other queues. So, trying not to catch anyone’s eye, we then took the bags over to the x-ray bag area and then went through passport control, which, by the time we got there had virtually no queue at all. Final end result!

Up, up and away more or less on time and ………… relax. The plus side of our bags being probably last onto the plane was that the arrival back in blighty was unbelievable, because they appeared almost first out on the conveyor belt. It made up for that return adventure from Switzerland last time and we believe was probably a Treen record for arriving at Terminal 5. We landed at 6-30pm on the tarmac and were climbing into the pod parking (you have to spoil yourself now and again.) transport at 6-55pm.

The view of traditional England so different from our Greek memories and it’s rocks and amazing turquoise sea and only three hours apart. So that was that; a truly wonderful, sun drenched, relaxing week. So very lucky.

Take care, until next time.🍀

Thank you for reading M & M xxxx 😱🇬🇷✈️😡🇬🇷

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A few lose ends…….Happy Anniversary!

And another thing just before we spend most of our anniversary, either in the dreaded Prevesa airport or on a plane. The cat mystery has been solved by the arrival of an envelope contained in our departure details, asking for donations.

So Lefkas Animal Welfare Society has already done a pretty effective job round these parts, it would seem. The cats were mostly all ferral and some did quite often look pretty ill and uncared for; oh yes, and many were battle scarred. So this probably is the most humane way to treat the problem; even though for many folk Greece without the cats just wouldn’t be Greece. And let’s see, as I said, how that mouse population gets on.

Meanwhile, last night Prosecco was the first order of the night. The wind was mighty strong, warm obviously, but people who had sat down were not there long before galloping back to their rooms for more ‘layers.’

Mary had the fish in paper again, with vegetables, and I had a work of art called Sea Bass fillets, as we watched the fishermen come home; presumably with more for the tables.

This has been a really relaxing week and the stationary bird way above, who was obviously riding a thermal; looking for all the world as though someone was flying a kite, said it all without saying anything.

Our next anniversary will be in Alaska! As I said before, so lucky. Take care.

M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🦅🦅🦅🦅🥂🥂😸😻😻😻






Saturday……..there is no fat lady to sing 🎵🎶🎧 but……

Almost made the 100 yesterday, in fact 98.6 degrees in old money, so pretty close! Dinner in the Taverna was wonderful, if not a tad crowded but there were lots of Greeks; always a good sign. And grilled vegetables, what a treat! And the menu? Well I’m sure he just never believed his chum when he said it should be titbits. 😆😉

We were a bit taken aback by the intrusion of this quite large creature as the sun went down. But his chum near the hotel was no tiny person; Mary’s lens cap gives it a bit of scale.

These gadgets we brought with us were never, thankfully, needed! And basically our view for the week has been these two pedaloes. I can think of worse vistas.

So three swims today, lunch down at the jetty and generally just relaxed, chilled and snoozed…….. well Malcolm did!

And those flowers are still a beautiful sight, round the hotel.

The thing we have missed has been the moon……..all week. Absolutely no sign whatsoever. Stars, yes in abundance but the moon has been just a blank dark sky. So I googled it and all became clear. Two weeks ago the Greek government banned the moon for an experimental period of six months. Why? To aid and hopefully help the ailing  Greek economy. How? Very simple; take away the moon and at once the old man in it can be redeployed into a suitable government clerical position. The cows no longer jump over it and can concentrate on better and fuller milk production, instead of wasting time. Songs such as ‘Blue Moon’, ‘Moon River’, ‘By the light of the……’ etc.etc. have all been banned. No point singing about something that no longer exists and this time, instead of singing or playing the tunes, can be much better deployed in the Olive Groves or the tourist industry. The moon no longer effects the tides and as it was taken away at high tide, the shipping industry can prosper. Ferries, ocean liners, fishing vessels no longer have to wait for the high tide to set sail. They can put to sea effectively and efficiently whenever they desire, completely eliminating that enormous waiting period that was such a drain on better productivity.

So there you have it; the last major benefit being no more time being frittered away photographing the damn thing from ships or resorts or valuable days wasted by people painting it for a living. They have now all been reassigned to much more useful, economy boosting positions. I am so pleased to say that neither the temperature yesterday or the Ouzo affected my outlook at all. 😉😉😉😉🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷😉😉😉😉

So, till the next time chums. I hope we have brought you a few laughs, a few nice photos and some interesting tales.

Take care, wherever you are in the world and be lucky! We certainly have been.

M & M 🌒🌓😳🇬🇷🇬🇷🚢😸⚓️⛱





Friday….It rained! 😱

We realise, as we drive round, that every time we do glimpse a cat now scurrying into the olive groves or into a villa that we both cheer! Many years ago on Paxos, we took a small photo album out on our second visit, to show our new found friends in Yani’s bar what our life was like back in the UK. The album contained quite a few pictures of our lovely first cat “Dickens.” Theo, father of Yani, and fisherman of the sea looked through the pictures and at the end said, “You love your cat too much, I think.” Which says it all about us and those wonderful four legged chums we have had over the years.

To the hotel beach after breakfast and impossibly after our first swim, it began to rain! We had planned to go to a beach for lunch, near a villa we had rented in the past so we moved a little quicker than anticipated. You could hardly call it a shower it passed so quickly but I did learn where my windscreen wipers were! The villa is below and some gorgeous creature on the beach.

The Taverna on the beach has changed little; obviously a few improvements here and there but basically the same. It’s the one where I once thought I had ordered a ham omelette and two eggs and two slices of bacon came! We sat down to eat, the sun now shinning brightly and then the family from hell arrived. “Hello mate, alright? Yes, there’s goin’ to be nine of us.” Our hearts sank. Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against people from Essex; for Christ’s sake I was born there myself! But I do cringe at people who think they can be understood better by shouting at innocent Greeks. And I do cringe at people who can’t even be arsed to learn the word for please or thank you. And I do cringe………….I’ll stop there.

Mary bravely trying to snorkel but the wind had got up and you did feel like a cork being buffeted from side to side. A group of folk were playing cards on a boat in the bay and it was swaying backwards and forwards so much, they didn’t need to change places to get an even tan! 😄😆 So we packed up and headed back to the hotel for a swim in the pool and at six o’clock it was still very hot. The exact temperature for today is not ‘officially ‘ known yet but I will report tomorrow, our last day…😥😳

I haven’t taken as many photos in the olive groves as I should nor as many wayside shrines as I was hoping to. Just have to come back, I guess? 😎😎 Can’t think of any other way round that problem, can you? 🤔🤔🤔

No, me neither! Tomorrow, who knows? Dinner tonight in the village and early to bed. Be lucky, hope you enjoy the read. Last one tomorrow. (That was a very loud cheer!) The island we went to on the ferry yesterday was ‘Meganissi!’ And the chef here agrees with us, that there is something about Nidri, ⛱  that we all dislike intensely but he couldn’t even find a Greek word for it. 🤣😄😄🤣

Take care M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷😥⚓️🍷🍷🍽







Thursday. “The temperature is going to be how much tomorrow?”

Glorious day, yet again. So lucky with this weather. A lovely meal in the Taverna in the village last night. Still no sign of cats but off to Maganissi on the ferry at 12-15 today so fingers crossed for some sightings. The ferry goes from Nidri and this is what is wrong with this place; like Blackpool in the sun.

Sorry but just appalling; is it me? Anyway, fairwell Dalton’s Grill House and hello slightly more authentic Greece, and hello sailor!

And a clever shot by Mary, turning the ships bits into a frame and another one by me playing with my new found camera button. I will stop probably, honest!

And how much does an upside down Greek urn? Enough to pay the parking ticket, on this rather nice car? At least the policeman gave the owner a fighting chance by blowing his whistle two or three times before popping the ticket under the wiper blade.

We lunch in our favourite restaurant in Vathi and the young waiter complimented me on my Greek accent and then tells us the new ferry arriving place (a port technically) has been there for ten years; we are gob smacked. But suddenly there they are, at last!

And all of them looking at our very Greek meal, Greek salad, Beetroot salad, Beans and OK sorry French fries; mia potates! Mary chatted to a chap on the ferry and they want to retire out here and his wife wants to start a cat sanctuary; we should have told her not to bother in Poros, as there aren’t any!

Back on the ferry for dinner at the hotel; ah and why not, the food is exceptional. And we have decided that tomorrow night will be back in the village to eat and our last night, on the eve of our wedding anniversary will be back in the hotel. Sorted! I had the fish baked in paper which had potatoes, carrots (!) and courgettes (!).

Oh yes, and we have seen some exotic creatures on our journeys various.

Tomorrow the forecast is saying it will reach 100 degrees in old money by three o’clock! Really? Ouch. We will let you know what happens.

Take care M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷⚓️🚢🚢⛱⛱😸😸









Wednesday…….We’re busy 🎵doing nothing 🎶🎵🎶

Last night we ate in the hotel and it just proved how generous a gesture that ‘welcome dinner’ was on Sunday evening and how amazingly cheap the Taverna on Monday night was! But the food last night was delicious and Mary lookin* as glamorous as ever!

The tables are beautifully laid up and below we could see the pedalloes bobbing.

And after breakfast I had two swims in the sea and past the time by playing with the camera. Sometimes I found the ‘change’ button, sometimes I didn’t!

I was quite pleased with the red kayaks. Happy days. A suspicious tin in the bushes made us wonder but as we haven’t seen any snakes I guess it’s working!

Mary concentrated on flowers and beautiful they are at this time of year!

So that it was it, a truly uneventful and totally relaxing day. Nothing else to do but admire the view or study your feet!

Tomorrow, a little bit more energetic, as we are off on the ferry to Meganisi and having stayed there twice, it is very familiar to us. So I will leave you till tomorrow, with the distant sound of Mary drying the bath mat with the hair dryer. Don’t ask! 😆🤣😆😄🤔😆


As always, take care! M & M 🇬🇷🍻😼🐍🐍🦎










Tuesday; this is going too fast!

More swimming today in the sea today before lunch. And away to Sivota for a walk and a very cheap feast! Lunch for €29! And the first official sighting of a cat! Can you spot him?

Yes, nestled in Mary’s elbow but there certainly weren’t the numbers here either, that there had been before. And the ducks were all gone! Just two rather unhappy gentlemen, searching for feminine company. Before there was fresh water and food out for them. What’s going on? But there were swifts flying around, nest building.

Back to the hotel and a swim in the pool. How to spend a lazy day in three easy stages. Mary peering from the pool down at me and some of her flowers. Just bliss; we are so lucky.

It is a truly, (have I said this before?), beautiful spot.

Till tomorrow’s hustle and bustle! M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷😼🤔🤔




Now where was I?

Ah yes, lunch overlooking where we had swum. This is such a beautiful, relaxing setting.

And while eating lunch, I discovered a setting on my camera, the little Sony that I bought for our Canadian trip, that I never knew I had! And of course, I began to experiment!

We returned to swim and simply while away the afternoon. In the company of a very smiley companion. (He was called Pegasus, as his owner said, “horses for courses.” I presume bought while they were away at lunch!”) And then a relax by the pool and more experimentation.

Dinner was in a Taverna we frequented last time and the young waiter recognised us. Mary’s stunning looks, obviously! His brother who had been the main ‘lead’ last time, now ran a post office in Athens he reported. Much more sensible hours, we imagine. Mary had spaghetti and prawns and I had chicken, which came with chips and nothing else. So I was forced to order carrot cake for desert simply to get some vegetables! 😆😄 And then slowly we realised something…………..no cats. No cats anywhere. But there are always cats!

Of course, then it dawned on us that the whole car trip down from the main road, through the hamlet of Poros (The village never has floods………..I’ll get me coat.) on Sunday, we had indeed only seen one cat. We had to ask. He explained he had been forced to ban them from the restaurant, mainly on health grounds. Not good because they had been sleeping on the tables, food hygiene was important etc.etc. We nodded wisely, in agreement but then began to wonder how do you ban them? We both gulped. We will investigate this further but you do wonder, we both know most of them were feral, if his kitchen won’t be overrun by mice 🐁 or even worse 🐁🐁 in a couple of years time.

And as we gazed at the collection of hats, Mary assuming these had all been left behind by punters being engulfed by the magical properties of Ouzo; the sun slowly set over the mountains on our first full day in the land we have always, so loved.

Thanks for reading. M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷😼🐁🐀🦐🍤🍤😼




Scorchio! Scorchio! But rubbish Wi-Fi.

And the weather is going to last all week, alledgedly. After no alarm going off; weird even the iPads are not correcting themselves to the right time zone, we hurried for breakfast and then had a stroll before our lovely holiday rep. who we have met many times before, gave us a little chat about what to see in Lefkada. We both commented on the colour of the blooms and also the numerous butterflies.

Lunch was a Greek salad and before that Mary delighted at last to be able to swim here! Last time we came she had that dreadful cofffee burn and was not allowed to get it wet. She nearly whooped very loudly in the water.


The iPad has not charged, the photos won’t download. Bored. Till tomorrow!

M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷🤔🤔🤔




How lucky! It’s just as we remember!

Flight took off bang on time, after smoked salmon and scrambled egg in Gordon Ramsey’s! Then a flight that dodged the storms, thank you nice B.A. pilot, really smooth flight; but what a faff the check in was. Started the process; it then stopped at putting in the e ticket number, so we had to queue to see the nice lady. “Sorry, it’s not picking up charter flights, hence the long queue.” Boarding pass was issued and we then joined the next long queue to check ourselves in at the bag drop desk. 😱😱😱 Lots of terminals not working; always such a relaxed and tranquil start to your adventure.

The arrival in Greece was slightly ahead of time but three flights had the audacity to arrive almost simultaneously. So let’s put the Heathrow luggage on the Gatwick arrivals carousel and visa versa, just for fun! Took over an hour to get out, with people running from carousel to carousel, in the usual Greek chaotic, jocular fashion.

But look at that bed and now – the views. From our balcony and the bar area to the pool.

And the meal tonight was on the house! Starter, main course and dessert for free! Well, blow me down what a start and all we paid for was the wine €19.50 for a bottle. Welcome to Greece and the weather looks great for the week; getting to the 90’s by the end of the week! Really! Last time we had thunderstorms. The hire car is a tiny, sweet little Fiat but hey you wouldn’t drive the Lexus round some of these roads. And that’s it till tomorrow, a lift full of mirrors but no smoke.

Thanks for reading. Comments, as always, very welcome.

M & M 🇬🇷🇬🇷🍴🍽☕️🍾🍾