Great meal, thunderstorms and that wedding.

The meal last night did not dissapoint; it was a Mongolian ‘chapeau tartare’, eaten in a Lebanese restaurant, served by a Portuguese waiter to two English folk, in Switzerland! You couldn’t write it, could you? This place is at roughly 5,000 feet hence my reference to lack of air yesterday!

A better shot of that wall clock/watch to give it scale. And the feast began.

We were advised to put the bacon on the device first and then cook the beef and the veal. The rim contained shredded carrot, cabbage in a chicken stock. Underneath were heaters.

You then add to this the best ‘Rosti’ we had ever had and as you can see an awful lot was unfortunately left over (not).

A truly memorable meal the night before a royal wedding. A really marvellous waiter and the restaurant was only two minutes walk from the hotel; perfect. Mary had a mint tea to aid the digestion to finish off.

So, a good nights sleep. We awoke to find the car well covered in pollen, in the under cover garage, and just look what the ashtray on the balcony had collected.

We headed off, after breakfast, for Gruyeres with the sky looking threatening and just hoped we made it before the heavens opened. More tomorrow but it is quite late now so good night.


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M & M 🍽🍾🍻💤💤💤