What a beautiful day. But what a lack of oxygen!


The Lebanese restaurant was a triumph; so much so we are returning tonight. Mary did try some Lebanese food and the delightful owner came over and had a natter. I had the perch from the lake, which is always a delight. The table next to us were putting pieces of bacon on a very strange device and cooking them; saved the chef a lot of work.

The views were wonderful, so we are going back to try out this meal, simply called ‘chapeau’, along with the best ‘rosti’ in Switzerland, the lady on the next table told us, who has lived here for fourty years.

We left admiring the biggest watch in the world on the wall and the glorious moon. I might try another of the watch because you don’t get the scale.

A good nights sleep and then a gentle stroll round the town this morning.

It is a very pretty spot but an awful lot of work is going on, have they won the Winter Olympics? It will be even nicer when they have finished.

Fun with the camera and some wonderful art work on the fabulous buildings.


And the one thing that has taken us by surprise is the amount of pollen in the air. The flying seeds look a small snow storm and the poor Mercedes has been well and truly covered in a layer of yellow dust.

Right, we are off for the meal; how many Slimming World Syns in a chapeau? Answers on a postcard to……………

As always, thanks for reading.

M & M 🥗🎩🇨🇭🥂🤗