Gee that is early!

So, the alarm went off at 04-20 hrs. Arrived at Terminal 5 at about six a.m. and embraced that crazy system of weighing and putting your own label on your own bags (is it just a B.A. thing?) which by the time people work out what to scan and what button to press, I swear takes twice as long as a nice smiling lady sat there use to do.

The customs palaver was very quick and in the blink of an eye we were sat in Gordon Ramsay’s. I have dined out on this before, but I can remember standing outside the gaff, waiting for Mary, when three Yorkshire men rocked up, gazed at the menu and one said, “By eck, his fish and chips have got bloody expensive!” To which one of the others said, “No yer daft apeth, this is Gordon Ramsay’s you’re thinking of Harry Ramsdens.”

Picked up the hire car at Geneva, a rather sleek Mercedes; flight arrived 15 minutes early. I asked, out of curiosity, how many times we had now hired a car there and the man told me it was well over twenty. In that time we have never had the same car  two times running, or I believe ever!

The weather was very pleasant and we had an event free drive to Crans-Montana, where we are staying for two nights, thanks to a present from our two daughters. On Saturday we move to our much loved hotel in Gruyeres. We stopped once and Mary enquired in impeccable French, where the La Forét hotel might be situated and we found it without incident. The room has a view to die for, from the small balcony:


Tonight, the nearest restaurant (who realised the hotel restaurant, only operated in winter? Well we didn’t 😡) is two minutes walk away and is Lebanese. A first time for everything; so more news tomorrow. Falafels and backlava may well be the order of the day or night as the case may well turn out to be.

Thanks for reading,

M & M 🇨🇭🇨🇭🥂🍽🌮🌯

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