Heads up re Sunday. A taste of what is to come!

So, we fly at 9-40a.m. from Terminal 5. May well have breakfast at Gordon Ramsey’s but probably just Salmon and scrambled egg, no orange juice! We are flying to Prevesa and then hire car to Lefkada and staying in the San Nicolas resort hotel, where we stayed in September 2015.

So, we should relax pretty quickly as we already know the place; always an advantage, as we are only there for one week. But this time I shall be over two stone lighter and no longer on any diabetic medicine. So, hopefully that rather fetching beached whale look on the lounger might have passed me by! They were, obviously, at the end of the season last time; my ham omelette in a Taverna, as Mary said, had all the right ingredients but I guess the actual faff of making it had passed them by.

And will the cats still be getting hot on the tin roof? As you can tell, we are both really looking forward to this break. The French Air Traffic Controllers, (I’m probably tempting fate here!) have no strikes, yet, planned for next month. Their railways, according to the site I found, seem to have two days a week forever.

I love the cats here, and most did seem fairly well looked after and, of course, they always enjoyed watching fishermen doing what ever fishermen did on the quayside.

Roll on Sunday and I hope you enjoy the trip as much as we hope to! Did I tell you I wrote a book? http://www.feedAread.com and look under Autobiography for  “Bright Lights and Bacon Rolls” 📚📙

Thanks for reading this……..stayed tuned!

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I hate French Air Traffic controllers!

Dreadful journey to the airport in a thunderstorm and pouring rain. Now we sit and wait because the flight scheduled for 21-15, is now scheduled for 22-10 but Mary has an app, that says 22-30. Great end (not) to a lovely few days.

Who said ‘we have been so lucky with the weather’ ? Remind me to close my mouth in future. The delay BTW is not the weather but the lovely people in the title.

Hey ho!

M & M 😡😡🇨🇭🇨🇭✈️🛩🛬

Happy birthday, big boy!

The day dawned looking pretty good, I have to say. Off to Laura’s after not much action at the egg bath, this morning, save a German guest who didn’t take his timer back to the counter and this meant new arrivals were forced to time their eggs on their mobile phones!

Lunch was a bar-b-q of Tuna and rice and then off to the farm for the arrival of the guests. Does this lad need anymore presents? Look at the playroom; I have seen fewer toys in Hamley’s. The fifteen acres of sky looked wonderful; is that a cat on its back on the right?

Laurent took control of the games and just like last year, they all followed him like an episode of the Crystal Maze.

This involved key hunting, gunk, eating chocolate on a spoon but hiding anchovy underneath! An array of running and mental tasks designed to clap them all out.

A well executed party indeed and it was lovely to see Julian, Laurent’s brother, and his wife Caro there. And Jean-Denis and Lilianne, the other grandparents, amongst others, that we had not seen for far too long and, of course, all Zach’s chums were 12 months older! The climax was once again the pirates chest!

Here we see Jean-Denis in goal and myself and the lovely Caro. The cake Laura made was a triumph and Safi enjoyed it so much, she managed two pieces.

They do both look adorable, but we would say that wouldn’t we?

In fact, all the children were impeccably behaved, and Hannah enjoyed the company of the cat (mainly because unlike her very own Milo, she knew the family cat wouldn’t attack her!) that eventually ended up a tree, while Laura honed her already perfect French.

A really lovely day and the rain held off till 6-15 pm, indeed over the last few days we have been remarkably lucky with the weather. So my friends, until Greece comes along in just over a weeks time that about wraps it up.

We, as always, have had a ball and we see these two gorgeous grandchildren far too infrequently but when we do boy is it the best time. I do have a few shots left over so here they come:

And not all, as always, of these shots are mine. Spot the really good ones that Mary took. 👍 Till Greece my friends, may you all be lucky along the way.

Thank you for reading, comments always welcome.

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One day to go before the birthday!

We got to Gruyeres and checked in to room 24, as always; it has, over the years become ‘our’ room. This is yesterday, still………Saturday. A police man had asked us for five Swiss Francs before letting us go up the hill to our hotel. This has never happened before and the hotel lady apologised profusely. It seems they are collecting for a new car park, as the place has become a real tourist hot spot and no one is exempt. She stamped the ticket we had been given, so that we didn’t have to cough up every time we arrived back over the next three days.


The sky on the left was what it looked like from the balcony of the room, pretty threatening. The picture on the left was tonight, Sunday.

Anyway, lunch was a salad and we then drove over the mountain to Laura’s and the weather looked much better. Hannah arrived by train and everyone was united. The storm never quite materialised, phew. We headed back to Gruyeres and I had Omlette for dinner, and Mary had trout with almonds. And so to breakfast, which was very funny.


They have a heated bath into which you place an egg, in one of the colour coded holders, you can see on the right. You take a small timer (to the left of the holders) and take it to your table returning when the time you have set causes a small peeping alarm to go off. Simple? No, not if you tweak the heating up too high, resulting in a cracked egg, which causes the white to engulf the contraption like a soufflé blanket. This is exactly what occurred but a chap didn’t notice, his alarm had not gone off before the waitress whisked the bath away to give it a damn good clean AND all the holders. So our man goes to look for his egg but not only is it no longer there the whole thing has vanished. Did he dream it? It was like watching a Mr.Bean film unfold. He returns to his table confused; meanwhile a fresh family arrive just as the waitress returns with a clean machine but no holders. She exits, our egg missing punter again (spatial awareness not his speciality) does not clock any of this. Three of the family are now gazing at the eggs, the machine and the timers. The dad plumps, takes an egg on a spoon (the holders have still yet to reappear) plops it in the bath, sets his wrist watch as well as one of the timers but leaves the timer with the others on the table and tweaked the temperature back up. The bath begins to bubble. They return to their table.

Our hero now realises the bath has returned, the waitress fleetingly reappears and he questions her as to where his egg may be. In a thousand pieces we assume she replies, he had been the cracked one that had caused the trouble but he hadn’t watch the disaster unfold and reacted quickly enough. He never does try again. An alarm sounds and the new arrival goes back to the table but then has to hold up all the timers to tell which one to turn off. I am now nearly on the floor. The waitress returns with the clean holders and dawn lights up his face. The pantomime continued but most of the big laughs had by now finished.

Away to Laura’s for cake baking and out to lunch at our favourite chicken in a basket restaurant. The afternoon passes playing games and the children get ice creams across the road later in the day.


We come back to Gruyeres for dinner and I go wild and have a burger. New arrivals in the village are four beautiful donkeys.


The beauty of this blog is I can see ‘stats’ as to how many hits it gets and the fact it got five from Finland yesterday, has really confused me. 🤔🤔🤔 Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying it wherever you are in the world.


Here is a little comparison shot of the fountain now and the last time we saw it! It is an adorable place and sorry the picture of us has the background so burnt out. Tomorrow is Zach’s eight birthday, so the celebrations are not far away.


Thank you for reading.

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Great meal, thunderstorms and that wedding.

The meal last night did not dissapoint; it was a Mongolian ‘chapeau tartare’, eaten in a Lebanese restaurant, served by a Portuguese waiter to two English folk, in Switzerland! You couldn’t write it, could you? This place is at roughly 5,000 feet hence my reference to lack of air yesterday!

A better shot of that wall clock/watch to give it scale. And the feast began.

We were advised to put the bacon on the device first and then cook the beef and the veal. The rim contained shredded carrot, cabbage in a chicken stock. Underneath were heaters.

You then add to this the best ‘Rosti’ we had ever had and as you can see an awful lot was unfortunately left over (not).

A truly memorable meal the night before a royal wedding. A really marvellous waiter and the restaurant was only two minutes walk from the hotel; perfect. Mary had a mint tea to aid the digestion to finish off.

So, a good nights sleep. We awoke to find the car well covered in pollen, in the under cover garage, and just look what the ashtray on the balcony had collected.

We headed off, after breakfast, for Gruyeres with the sky looking threatening and just hoped we made it before the heavens opened. More tomorrow but it is quite late now so good night.


Thank you for reading. Comments as always very welcome.

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What a beautiful day. But what a lack of oxygen!


The Lebanese restaurant was a triumph; so much so we are returning tonight. Mary did try some Lebanese food and the delightful owner came over and had a natter. I had the perch from the lake, which is always a delight. The table next to us were putting pieces of bacon on a very strange device and cooking them; saved the chef a lot of work.

The views were wonderful, so we are going back to try out this meal, simply called ‘chapeau’, along with the best ‘rosti’ in Switzerland, the lady on the next table told us, who has lived here for fourty years.

We left admiring the biggest watch in the world on the wall and the glorious moon. I might try another of the watch because you don’t get the scale.

A good nights sleep and then a gentle stroll round the town this morning.

It is a very pretty spot but an awful lot of work is going on, have they won the Winter Olympics? It will be even nicer when they have finished.

Fun with the camera and some wonderful art work on the fabulous buildings.


And the one thing that has taken us by surprise is the amount of pollen in the air. The flying seeds look a small snow storm and the poor Mercedes has been well and truly covered in a layer of yellow dust.

Right, we are off for the meal; how many Slimming World Syns in a chapeau? Answers on a postcard to……………

As always, thanks for reading.

M & M 🥗🎩🇨🇭🥂🤗


Gee that is early!

So, the alarm went off at 04-20 hrs. Arrived at Terminal 5 at about six a.m. and embraced that crazy system of weighing and putting your own label on your own bags (is it just a B.A. thing?) which by the time people work out what to scan and what button to press, I swear takes twice as long as a nice smiling lady sat there use to do.

The customs palaver was very quick and in the blink of an eye we were sat in Gordon Ramsay’s. I have dined out on this before, but I can remember standing outside the gaff, waiting for Mary, when three Yorkshire men rocked up, gazed at the menu and one said, “By eck, his fish and chips have got bloody expensive!” To which one of the others said, “No yer daft apeth, this is Gordon Ramsay’s you’re thinking of Harry Ramsdens.”

Picked up the hire car at Geneva, a rather sleek Mercedes; flight arrived 15 minutes early. I asked, out of curiosity, how many times we had now hired a car there and the man told me it was well over twenty. In that time we have never had the same car  two times running, or I believe ever!

The weather was very pleasant and we had an event free drive to Crans-Montana, where we are staying for two nights, thanks to a present from our two daughters. On Saturday we move to our much loved hotel in Gruyeres. We stopped once and Mary enquired in impeccable French, where the La Forét hotel might be situated and we found it without incident. The room has a view to die for, from the small balcony:


Tonight, the nearest restaurant (who realised the hotel restaurant, only operated in winter? Well we didn’t 😡) is two minutes walk away and is Lebanese. A first time for everything; so more news tomorrow. Falafels and backlava may well be the order of the day or night as the case may well turn out to be.

Thanks for reading,

M & M 🇨🇭🇨🇭🥂🍽🌮🌯

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