Friday, it’s all over but no fat lady!

The plan was to visit the Music Museum, but after such a late night that got shelved and a more leisurely start to the day occurred.


It had been a great evening and we did get a fast taxi ride back to the hotel. Must do the river trip in daylight sometime. So, away to the square where the famous clock was being repaired and Mozart’s piano, which should have been in the museum, (report back from those who went) was away in London, so a lose, lose situation all round, whichever way we had gone!


At least with the poster outside the church of St.Nicholas, we knew we had the right venue! And once more the interior was magnificent.


Terrible gag, sorry couldn’t resist it. Another almost full house. An excellent and again well received, hour long performance, and then back outside in the thunderstorm for a quick refreshing coffee. Then off again in a taxi but this time in real Friday rush hour traffic back to St.Vitus Cathedral.


Here the choir just excelled themselves beyond measure or description. Not only did they sing for the six o’clock service but also then gave a short concert afterwards. Truly a magnificent effort by all concerned and particularly the organ playing of Stuart McSweeney.


A short walk down the hill to a pre booked restaurant, for a meal with an accordian player accompanied by a man and a stick, with a cymbal on top, (vozembouch!) which Mary had a go at!


So, that’s it, very brief! Standby for Switzerland and Zach’s 8th Birthday!

See you all! Thanks for reading M & M 🎵🎶🎵🙏🍾