If it’s Wednesday it must be Prague.

Dear God, the alarm went off at 3-15a.m. Flight just under two hours, all on time; Thankyou B.A. And hello Prague airport, sunshine and 19 degrees: and lunch at the Penta Hotel.

Then away to the Prague Castle via the underground and admiring the trams and to the inside of the St.Vitus Cathedral, where the Cecilia Singers (Mary’s choir, not hers personally you understand!) will sing on Friday. These will probably be the shortest blogs you have read from me, (loud cheer, wasn’t it?) due to the crap wi-fi connection.

A very interesting guide called Jitka, who will be with us for the duration, gave us facts and information but read that first line above again and you’ll begin to realise why not a lot got retained in my exhausted brain.

Strange how things begin to haunt you because on the outside there were more grotesques, similar to Exeter. Anyway, the stained glass on the inside was spectacular.

I shall take more of these on Friday but my knee was playing up something rotten, even despite an old knee support, donated to me many years ago by a generator driver called Ken; BUY the Autobiography! So I ducked out a little early and took a taxi back to the hotel with two ladies and Karen (whose choir it is!) and then spent far too long trying to write this blog and download my pictures. Serious drinking time in the bar is being wasted; now you understand!

So, for the moment, while Mary is rehearsing within the hotel confines, I shall call a halt to this blog right here. And tomorrow brings the choirs first concert at St. Martin-in-the-Wall, and an evening on a Jazz Boat, till 23-00hrs (!) so tomorrow’s blog may arrive on Friday morning.


Quite a place, I think you’ll agree?

Thank you for reading, M & M 🎵🎶🙏😇🍽🚃