Farewell, Exeter!

As I suggested, I stayed put today (Sunday) and went to hear Mary sing at 10-00a.m. Lovely service and a chance to look at a few more bits of architecture.


And once again that destroyed hotel! Lovely meal in the hotel last night. Lots of Americans on tour, there would be wouldn’t there? The morning service included a christening, which was rather lovely. But those gargoyles and grotesques are all over the place.


And inside, well, sublime I thought. A warm (Cathedral?) place and all the helpers were so friendly. Afternoon was a great service too.


So, journey back just over two and a half hours. Three attempts to get out of the hotel car park……technology problems! But lovely memories. The afternoon service was just great. How that choir come together from all over the country, with ten minutes rehearsal (well a bit more!) and deliver as they do; I have no idea!


See you soon, everyone, next week Prague on Wednesday. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading M & M 🙄🙏🍾🎁🎶🎵