Another night at the Royal Castle.


So, we quickly abandoned any plans this morning of trying to struggle home. Last night it didn’t stop snowing till well gone four thirty in the morning, forecast was it would stop at three.


We found the room we were in was available and at a much reduced rate; so the decision to stay put was a no brainer. The papers couldn’t get through, many shops didn’t open and although we got through yesterday before the A30 got closed, there seemed little point in a six hour return trip home. We went for what Mary called a ‘bracing’ walk but my opinion was ‘unpleasant.’ Until a nice hat to keep my ears warm was purchased.

Another perambulation after lunch; always a joy to wander round somewhere uncluttered by people. But just look how the car and road got more and more covered last night.

Looking out of the bedroom window last night was like some special effects jamboree; the snow swirled and fluttered alarmingly down in bucket fulls. Anyway this morning after a hearty breakfast we headed off.

A bit slushy and very slippery in places but what great views and wildlife.

A memorable visit; we shall see Pennie on the way home tomorrow and we are not going to forget Dartmouth in a hurry. One thing getting snow off the car but out of the boat!

Oh yes, and proof of those closed shops.

There we have it and irony of ironies they held a wake in the hotel restaurant this afternoon, so it’s not open tonight. You couldn’t write it, could you?

From a little less snowy Dartmouth we say farewell.

Couldn’t sit on the bench but that didn’t bother Teddy.


From Mary and Me, thanks for reading! Till the next time, take care. ☃️🌨❄️⛄️

Never seen Devon like this!


So it was the third attempt to hold a ‘wake’ for our dear departed chum Richard Cooper. It was postponed twice two weeks ago because of the snow! So again a hotel is booked in Dartmouth near to Blackpool Sands and at 7-40 this morning we set off.


It’s already not looking too promising. But the roads seem reasonably clear and we make steady progress. We stop well over half way and turn on communication devices. Pennie, Richards beautiful widow has had to cancel for the third time, the chef can’t get to the venue! We were all going to celebrate with fish and chips in a cafe they loved to frequent. Onwards or back? Both look pretty foreboding.

We phone the hotel and apparently all is pretty good. They would say that, wouldn’t they? So we decide as the evening meal is included, as is breakfast, we shall push on. It gets worse, the snow gets heavier and we do reach a point where we think, after passing a car on its side in the hedgerow, this might have not been a wise decision. It was not the first car we have seen in a dire straight. Two crashes and one burnt out were added to the list.

Six hours later, at approximately 13-30, we arrive at the Royal Castle Hotel in Dartmouth. Only 24 rooms, a harbour view, wi-fi and two bars and a dining room. What more could you ask? The Lexus can rest easy till tomorrow.

There it is down below our window on the left. Not one of my all time favourite journeys, but we are safe and the pint of “Doombar” was to die for. Sorry, no pun intended dear Richard, you will be greatly missed old chum.

Thanks for reading,

M & M 🌨❄️☃️⛷💤💤