The Autobiography

Just renewed the lease (?) on this blog, so may as well use it!

Thank you so much to you all for buying a copy of the book what I wrote. Really worried now that I could have over hyped it!

However, my chum David Keay, he of the Bracknell Jazz evenings and Yateley camera club thinks it was pretty good:

“I have just finished reading Malcolm Treen’s book “Bright Lights and Bacon Rolls”. I thoroughly enjoyed it and heartily recommend it to you. I thought that I had had an interesting career. I am now very jealous of those wonderful experiences which Malcolm recalls.”

So that has cheered me up no end and as for that dreaded link, try this:

If you had problems with the other one. Thanks folks!

This year will feature Prague and back to Lefkada, to that wonderful hotel with the infinity pool! And I won’t look quite like the beached whale I did last time we visited. And no you can’t see a picture. 😉 But here is one of the pool.


We have now both got really heavy colds, so maybe that flu jab has kept the worst at bay. Always look on the bright side, eh?

Next month we are off to Switzerland for lovely Safi’s fifth 🎂 birthday! Now how did that happen?

Take care,

Malcolm and Mary ………. and as always, thanks for reading.


Begining to look a bit like Alastair Darling. The eyebrows and hair just can’t agree on the age of the body! 🤣😀🤣😀😆

Autobiography LATEST!

The book is now published.

It is printed to order so if you order a copy, they don’t just pull it off the shelf they print it and then they send it to you.

So the link is:           

Then click on ‘view’ and the buying option should come up. Enjoy the read. Comments welcome.

Happy New Year.