Update on Canada and my autobiography.

Life does seem a little dull but it would wouldn’t it? Anyway, we are trying to settle in back to “normality” whatever that is! I am just looking at preparing a photographic book of our wonderful pictures. Sorry, I thought they were wonderful……..but a judge on Wednesday at the camera club only gave my whales tail, that I was SO excited about, a score of seven and a half out of ten. So what do I know?


I have got to page 23 but I am only at day three……. 13th of August on our trip. So this could be a three part book, at least! Gulp.

My Autobiography is very close to being published so probably next week I will send you a link if, if, if you want  to buy it. It won’t break the bank, honestly, and hopefully will give you a couple of laughs.

Take care and look after yourselves. We have had a great adventure and we really were very pleased that so many of you enjoyed it with us.

Malcolm & Mary 🐋🐾🍾🚠