Thursday: bye bye sooty, bye bye.

At leisure in the B.A. lounge. It’s not at all bad; wine, optics and glasses! The meal last night, same restaurant was delicious and that taxi ride back was only seven dollars. Seven dollars! If I’d known that I would have had much more fun at the golf club. 😜

This morning a fond farewell to Jackie and Daphne, (Jackie is on the left!) and we set off like intrepid explorers in the snow showers, towards Calgary. Mary couldn’t say goodbye to the Rockies because unlike last night at dinner, you couldn’t see them!

Totally undecided what to do; park and go in by train, drive into town or ditch the car and the bags at the airport and get a bus into the city. In the end, as the weather was very iffy we plumped for ditching the car, leaving the luggage in ‘left luggage’ a phrase one of the many airport folk just didn’t understand. It was a bit of a four candles moment, until we changed left to stow and luggage to baggage. The bus for $10 each took us downtown. We arrived in time for lunch at a fantastic old bank, “Bank and bacon,” it still had the old vault downstairs.


Such a great place to stumble upon, for stumble upon is what we did, no one had recommended it.

The cloud had cleared a little so we decided to ascend the Calgary Tower and the view was indeed not bad. In fact probably slightly better visibility than the disappointment the day before of the Gondola.

Again no one told us about it, except our lovely neighbour Mike (my partner in crime for neighbourhood watch!) who said it was pretty worth it on a clear day. I can’t remember exactly the cost but it wasn’t an arm and a leg. What he failed to tell me was there was another see through glass floor.😱😱😱 Mary was undaunted!


Just looking at this picture makes me feel slightly queasy! And no, Mary looks adorable…… not that! Bus back to Airport, coffee and relax. Check in opened at Β 6-20 and we are now safe in the arms of the B.A. lounge and staff and all the helpers around seem to be cowboys.

So, so long Canada it’s been wonderful. Thank you Audley Travel for such wonderful back up, which we did need at one point, sorry! Thank you the Wedgewood Hotel you are my favourite hotel of all time. Thank you to all the people we met on the way. “You’re welcome. Perfect and awesome, are phrases I will try not to use but after six weeks……😱 It’s going to be a hard habit to kick. Oh yes, and thanks to the bears, the whales, the bald eagles and all the other wildlife; please if someone asks you to keep them safe, believe me……… should.

Over and out folks, that’s a wrap. Till next time?

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