Wednesday: One more sleep. So long and thanks for all the fish 🐟 and Bison!


Away then on Tuesday morning (we will catch up) and off along Highway 40, the highest pass ultimately in Canada. We got quite a way up but not right along, stopping at Kananaskis Village, a winter ski resort and ended up at Kananaskis Lake, where we ate the buns we had purchased in the village. So let’s start with flags at the Nordic Centre, we visited on our first afternoon in Canmore. And then the bars that went with the buns and the phrase “Oh, Matron!” kept springing to mind.


Highway 40 was a joy in that it was mass tourist types free. No major groups jostling for position with great big lenses and selfie sticks. Just almost Mary and I once more inhaling the wonderful scenery.


And talking of inhaling; the best air in the WORLD came through the bedroom window at the Great Bear Lodge. So many things about that place keep coming back to remind us of the outstanding time we had there, that we are already saying, “You know, maybe we should go back.” Audley N.B.


It is odd how the Canadians combine hunting with nature conservancy; it is a strange tightrope they walk, that has many question marks around the whole topic. And boy we have come across some signs we have never seen before.


However, back to my remark about how friendly they all seem and I realise I then flagged up a Glaswegian and a lady from Taiwan as an example. Well let me tell you the real Canadians are also truly genuine folk. And I know most people we come across are in the service industry but there is service and there is service and once you accept that when they say, “You’re welcome,” or ,”Perfect!” that they actually mean it then you are in a truly happy place. The scale of what we have seen is beyond description but this photograph of Mary’s does bring it home; if you look closely, there is a tiny path amongst the trees, if only someone had been walking along it in a red coat, a judge at the camera club would say.


Last nights meal was at a very splendid restaurant called Murrieta’s Bar & Grill and we both plumped for the bison Mary having tasted a little of mine at Baker Creek. The couple on the next table did leave us to believe that the art of dinner time conversation is now absolutely dead.


Dawn and it was very misty. Undaunted we headed for our Gondola ride in Banff. Stopping at Minniewanka Lake (Stop it! Just stop it!) in the hope that the sun might break through.


It didn’t, so we did go up as the guy at the ticket booth told us that tomorrow would be even worse, especially snow wise.


So we went up in the Gondola (why not cable car? No, I’ve already asked that) and couldn’t see much at all except more snow!

So a quick bowl of soup. Two soups! Hello, used that one before too!

And down to the town and quick wander in the rain ☔️. The fudge shop got a visit, that I had seen one of my LWT chums post about a couple of weeks ago and then back to write the blog and pack.

The ones in the picture are called bears claws! And so Mary found her shop and at last we did see a Mountie and with memories of the Gondola we headed back to Canmore.

That’s it folks. Tomorrow an afternoon at ‘leisure’ in the B.A. Lounge in Calgary. The morning? I’ll think we will just potter in town; our flight isn’t till 10-20. If I can’t post from the B.A. lounge, I will post the last post from the U.K.

Thanks so much for joining us, it has truly been a blast. Mary mused last night and tonight, (back at the same restaurant and with Prosecco, Halibut and a taxi back!) that we have had some great meals, met some awesome people, seen the most spectacular scenery of our lives and we shall return.

Take care….. M & M 🇨🇦🇨🇦🍁🍁🍷🍷