Tuesday; Canmore is just amazing, but a look back first!

Now once again where were we? Ah, yes we had arrived in the little wooden house. The bistro on site was fantastic and dinner was Trout for both of us, which was delicious. The following day we tried to visit Lake Louise but it was rammed, absolutely rammed, the car park was full so we just got waved, round the car parks, by operatives in a complete circle and found ourselves driving out again. Of course, it was Sunday and a beautiful day so the whole of Canada thought it was a great day to be there. Undaunted, we agreed to come back the following day but a tad earlier to avoid the rush.

So, we drove along a road towards Silver City, and just consumed and digested the scenery. The cutest little petrol pump, at the village store, topped up the hire car very efficiently.


And we ended up at a little falls, where the bridge was out but the water kept on coming, called Numa Falls.


Those goods trains that seemed to take at least three minutes to pass by kept on making the views more impressive because you got the scale! And Mary captured a Gray Jay.


So that night we had a couple of buffalo gins in the bar before I sat down to enjoy a steak. There was a strange mix up in the kitchen and I ended up by default with a bison steak! 😱 Having already tucked into it when the waitress realised her mistake it was too late to change. I don’t know who got my steak but by golly I can see why the Indians enjoyed their meat so much. It was just beautiful (sorry any vegetarians out there!) and the animals are farmed. Even Stephanie said it was her favourite dish above the steak. Mary had scallops and went directly to food heaven, especially accompanied by a wonderfully chilled Prosecco.


Away then towards Canmore, stopping successfully at Lake Louise!


It was fairly packed for a dull Monday, so we shuddered to think what it had looked like the day before. We arrived early in Canmore, soΒ we just explored the area and then checked in to our last B&B of the current series; in fact our last stop altogether.


The bed is smaller than the one at home, the glasses in the bathroom are identical to some that we have and you can’t make coffee or tea in the bedroom. (One thing that I really do crave.) What makes me think this is an ideal place to ease us gently back into normality? But the lovely Jacqueline is making us feel very, very welcome and her dog Daphne is a joy. Dinner in the Golf club wasn’t quite so wonderful as we hoped. We sat in a side room with ice hockey blaring out on a huge television. Do I know how to treat a lady or what? You couldn’t write it could you? Don’t ask me why we didn’t just turn round and walk out; I have no idea. The food was reasonable but to be fair, we had been spoilt rotten for two nights before.


Atmospheric? I thought so but we won’t make that mistake again tonight. We also, I have to confess, got a bit lost going into the car park and managed to drive down a path only suitable for a golf buggy not the hire car! Don’t think I damaged too much of the fairway. Gulp. πŸ˜±πŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈ(Jackie and David are turning very pale!)

So, dear reader, you arrive at Monday evening. That’s probably enough for now, and I’ll try to do Tuesday and Wednesday in one hit tomorrow. Thursday? Well it’s off to Calgary airport πŸ›«βœˆοΈπŸ›¬πŸ›© and the flight home. πŸ™πŸ™ And I’ll let you into another gap in my education; I always thought Calgary was in the states. Please, don’t tell anybody from Canada that I said that.

I can’t leave you with a picture of a naff golf club interior now can I? So:


Here is one of Mary’s, much more soothing!

Thanks for reading. Please do comment, it’s almost your last chance!

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