Friday; Just when you thought the scenery couldn’t get any better.

Dinner last night in our favourite Greek owned restaurant. And sorry all Malcolm’s SW chums because I did have an Ouzo! But a baked potato with the veal not fries! Some you win………..

Today was just so beautiful it has caused me once more to run out of adjectives. Breakfast was again at the other hotel and I did try to be healthy and had yoghurt and granola. Rather defeated by the big dollop of cream that they put on top. 😱

The restaurant is where we ate the night before and the manakin was wearing a dress last time we were here. We are back in Jasper because a circular tour seemed to be the best way to get everything into our itinerary that we wanted to do or visit!

Sundog tours picked us up for a ride to Lake Meligne and an hour and a half boat trip. Dave the driver was very jocular; sounded like he came from Liverpool but swore blind he was from Wales. The weather was on the cool side but stunningly sunny and the scenery was to die for; stopping at Meligne Canyon on the way.

We boarded the boat at 11-15 and set off for 90 minutes of utopia in the sunshine.


We were heading for Spirit Island, so called because the First Nation folk treated this place, and still do, as a major link to their past. They hold an annual ‘bit of a do’ to celebrate their historic ancestry. 🏕 We were dropped there and allowed just 15 minutes to inhale its tranquility and peacefulness.

The colours of the water, the blue skies and the light sprinkling of recent snow on the mountains just added to the wonder. We headed back and were spellbound by what we had seen. So lucky, so very very lucky.

Amused at the above because it’s Mary’s maiden name. So back to Jasper and our last night. Past shop windows that made me salivate but I have not been allowed to enter.

Tomorrow we pick up our last hire car and we follow the Icefields Parkway to Lake Louise. The scenery of today just cannot be beaten, or can it? Watch this space and please do comment, otherwise we feel we are writing this for our own amusement!


Sleep well, sweet dreams. You’ll all be awake before we are, in the UK. 🇬🇧🇬🇧

M & M 🇨🇦🇨🇦⚓️🦅🦅