Monday; it’s all gone horribly wrong.

Ah, the fire in the room, here are the pictures. On the left the bathroom, and the fire goes through the wall into the bedroom. Does this make sense? So if you bent down in the bedroom and gazed through the fire, you can see through into the bathroom!

Very short blog, while stuff gets sorted. We accidentally left the Audley itinerary in the hire car. Did they call us to say they had found it. No. We’re they there when Mary rushed back in a taxi. No. Was the car there. No. Did their head office have an emergency number. No. First we were told they stayed open till one in the morning, then suddenly it was 6pm. Had they all gone home? Yes. National car hire suddenly slides back down the ladder.

So a bit of a chaotic situation, while we try to fix things. The Rocky Mountaineer will be ok tomorrow, thanks to this wonderful hotel! The Westwood! And then we will play it by ear. I assume Audley will forgive us and try to get the rest of our itinerary to us, so we know where the hell we are going and when.

Flower pictures if the beautiful Butchant gardens and some Ferry pictures.

My particular favourite!


And the ferry.

That’s it! Back to pondering our fate.

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