Sunday; Sunshine, whales and Thai food.

We didn’t linger for breakfast and the pickup lady (sounds all wrong doesn’t it?) arrived dead on time, if not a tad before. So off to the whale watching check in down in Fishermans Wharf. Then away to the Pacific Ocean on a really sunny day.

The boat was just sublime and the crew attentive and knowledgeable. Mary was OK; the water is not herΒ best element but only when we stopped and it began to roll did she feel slightly under the weather. But the sight of those humpback whales distracted her enough to keep her stable. We have loads of these snaps now and were very pleased. Always wanted to put my own whales tail photograph up in our hall and now I can!

What an experience. They are gentle, very big and just awesome. Then we passed seals various; elephant seals, Californian seals and the cutest sea otter in the world.


He looks half asleep but SO, SO cuddly!Β Back to Port and a very late lunch and then a little exploratory walk of China town. Fan Tan Alley, is the smallest street in Canada. Previously known for Opium, gambling, and ladies who wanted money for their favours! We didn’t linger as it was getting late and Mary had packing to do and Malcolm had a blog and photographs to sort out.

I did spy a very strange jar of………well you can make your own jokes up at the back, I’m sure! The lounge at the B&B looked most welcoming.

And away for a very tasty Thai meal, and a meaningful discussion with the waitress about the number of people accepting food from the back of a van as we passed by, on our way to eat. She was training to be a nurse and very aware of the problem that affects not only this but all major cities these days. Oh dear, bring on the dancing girls and a little joy.

By golly they’re here!

Tomorrow, the ferry to Vancouver and back to the Wedgewood Hotel; how long ago will that seem that we were last there, NOT?

Have a good Monday folks!

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