Friday; goodbye foggy Tofino, hello Victoria.

We awoke to a more foggy day than a thick fog in Fog Town. We said goodbye to Stefan, Juanette was out walking with Isabella but we met them coming down the drive and said our goodbyes. So a picture of Stefan but not the lovely Juanette but we do have the lovely Isabella!


And we drove to Victoria. The fog did lift and the sun shone for a while. As usual lakes and waterfalls just abounded and we stopped for a brief lunch of ham and cheese rolls………do we know how to live?

And so into a ‘town’! Traffic lights and traffic to go with them. People, buses, pedestrians; my how sheltered and peace loving we have become. This is bedlam but then we find the hotel and tranquility bay returns.

This will do! I’ll show you the bathroom tomorrow, with hopefully the fire lit. I know, I know. And one last laugh from last night. Lovely meal at Sobo’s despite not being able to book. I had Pizza for the first time in probably 18 months, it was delicious. But Mary had mused on how big our hire car was compared to the first one. We got back out to the car park and both fell about at the size of the monster that had parked next to us, while we ate. Suddenly the lovely Hyundai looked like a mini.

Naff photography but you get the picture! Tonight a Greek restaurant.

Thank you for reading and commenting.

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