Thursday; our last two weeks

Faster than the Skeena πŸšƒΒ Railway (not difficult), faster than the R.I.B on the ebb tide but four weeks has now past since we left the U.K. So, we have two weeks left in mostly British Columbia.

Moments I missed: 1. The checkout girl in Port Hardy who said,”Wow, from London! Does it always rain there? 2. The Botanical Gardens founder ‘George’ (?) had a dog called Fanny. Kind of a recurring theme here, except named after Fanny Brice, model, comedienne, singer: portrayed by Barbra Streisand in ‘Funny Girl’ on stage 1964 and in the 1968 film…….for which she won an Oscar. 3. When we ate in Shelter, a guy came in and had tattoos all over his face and arms. Luckily we had eaten and were about to leave. Am I too prejudiced against this phenomena? 4. Eating in the Oyster Bar, an American lady came in and just wandered around doing a very passable impression of Julie Walters in the “two soups” sketch. Her husband seemed just as disoriented.

This morning the mist hardly lifted at all and the rain kept coming in patches. But breakfast just looked so good.

Away, as we had to, to the laundrette and immediately hit a snag. The place was unmanned and the soap dispenser was not working. Off to a nearby drug store, products bought and back to the machine. Six dollars needed for a wash; no problem machine on the wall changing two dollar pieces. So Malcolm pops a two dollar coin in and what comes out, a one dollar coin and four 25cents! I exchange everything I’ve got and end up one dollar short of a wash. Mary guarded the machine and I go off in search of change. The queue in the coffee shop is a mile long; so, off across the road and buy two small chocolate bars in a Health store. 😱 Result! Wash started and we wander and gaze at the sea and huge trucks passing by.

Wash done, I have lots of quarters for the tumble dryer; we puzzle why it won’t start having inserted loads of money. A local comes up, looks us up and down and presses the green start button and the machine bursts into life. We thank him for his technical assistance and we seek coffee nearby. Everybody seems to be hanging out at Rhino’s and we forget to ask anyone what the Tofino record is for trainers on the line. We figured they must get pretty bored in the winter round these parts!

Precious cargo of clean gear returned to the B&B we headed for Ucluelet for some glorious views of the Pacific, but the mist comes in and suddenly its mistier, than a misty day in Mist Town. We grabbed some really brilliant home made sandwiches and ate in a car park in the hope that it might just clear; no such luck.

Just living the dream! But the sign does make you think twice about walking. Gulp.

Great views (πŸ˜‰) from the lighthouse, which was blasting out every thirty seconds. A bonus on the way out were a couple of Black Tailed deer, just going about their business and eating grass.

And the mist just happily carried on! So, away home to pack for tomorrow, for yet again we move on. Sorry to leave this SO tranquil B&B, with the ever changing waters outside. Off to the hurly burly of city life and Abigail’s hotel in Victoria, where hopefully the wind and rain have stopped ash raining down on the place. 😱😱 I think we are going to miss the forest air.DSC01631

Thanks for reading. Trust Trump and Brexit aren’t doing your heads in; we haven’t missed either. Ah, yes missed moments number 5. This B&B has no television. Utopia? Well very nearly, I would say. Very, very nearly.

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