Monday: Labour day, it was.

Last night there was a wedding and reception at the hotel. Guests wassailed happily until 11-40pm; so not too bad. The restaurant was particularly quiet and the moon looked great on the water as we headed for bed.

But what really got up my nose, were the folk who came back to their room above us at 1-30 am with their (pets are accepted) baby elephant. Well it sounded that way; so a mental note if we ever come back, please book the first floor not the ground. And unfortunately, because of the high ceilings I was unable to get them back at 7-00am, even by standing on a chair and trying to bang above me with a broom handle I found in the cleaners cupboard. We said goodbye to Painters Lodge in Campbell River and left the dog poo on the lawn outside our room. We had reported it and the dog but it did put me off star gazing in bare (no pun intended) feet, or any feet at all come to that. So every picture tells a story but sometimes not the full one! Dawn, however, was very special.


The route seemed fairly simple but I managed, at one point, to get us heading back the way we had come, north on highway 19, instead of south. Still, it did give us the chance to see Fanny Bay twice and have another schoolboy/girl titter. Lakes and inlets abounded, as always.

Lunch passed us by and we finally stopped for a quick coffee and comfort break in Ucluelet, before arriving in Tofino and the Red Crow Guest house. And this was yet another amazing room and space.

And the view from that room? Well, I’ll leave you to answer that one.

Dinner at a superb fish restaurant called the Ice House Oyster Bar. Tomorrow just relaxing and walking. Oh yes, and Mary has already got her sights set on the wildlife.


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