Sunday: Labour day tomorrow.


Facts I missed:

There have only ever been four Cougar sightings at Great Bear Lodge. On the day we left Marcus saw one. Total now five.

Bob the lovely Aussie, did announce one evening that he put Vick on his balls. Complete collapse of entire party led by Asha. Bob quickly yelling out, “I said golf balls, golf balls. It’s to stop the rooks picking them up and dropping them into hollow trees,” more uncontrollable laughter. “No, it’s a huge problem, they have had trees catch fire and burn for days, because the golf balls are filled with rubber.” Bob then told Asha that next time she rubs Vick on her chest, she will think of his balls. Where would we be without the double entendres? Not in a Carry on Film, that’s for sure.

Mary called Laura in New York, yesterday! She was asked to go there to do some work. Proud or what? You bet we are.

When we landed at the airport, I was in the co-pilots seat and I said to him, “Smooth landing.” He replied, “Oh, I can also do bumpy!”

Couple of Audley notes. 1. Ocean Storm, Michelle was delightful, the beach was fantastic, the breakfasts were to die for but there was nowhere to hang anything, in either room 1 or room 3. 2. If you take the Skeena railway, chances are it will be at least two hours late. To then get up at the crack of dawn for the Ferry is really bad news. A day to recover in Prince Rupert would be a good idea. The cabin on the ferry was a godsend. 3. Painters Lodge has no hotel info in the room, apart from plugging the Spa. Cost of breakfast, times of breakfast or dinner, what to do locally etc. Any services provided by the hotel are all a complete mystery. TV channels are also not revealed anywhere.

I did manage to get a shot of a humming bird, that I was pretty chuffed with.


So let’s concentrate on Painters Lodge. 94 rooms, but somehow it feels bigger. On the way down we stopped at Telegraph Cove; cute little spot but I think that truck will have a job passing its M.O.T.

The room is just great and we finally have caught up on the dreadful happenings in Texas; yes the wi-fi is back.

We ventured into Campbell River this morning in search of a Laundrette, it’s been a while since Jasper, and we found one! Tomorrow is Labour Day and it would have been closed; today is Sunday and it was open……work that one out! But to amuse us during the wash and dry procedures, was a fantastic gathering of vintage cars, that wouldn’t have looked out of place during Art Deco weekend in New Zealand in Napier.

We missed the actual weekend when we were there, so this really made up for it.

The views around here are just wonderful but tomorrow we are moving on; I know, I know! Off to Tofino and the Red Crow Guest house, sounds fun and a bit smaller than this gaff.

Oh yes and there are seals in Queen Charlotte Sound, as well as loads of logs, containers, sand and ballest being transported by barge and pulled by tugs.

The drive tomorrow is nearly five hours. Wish us luck, but the weather seems set very fair indeed.

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