Wednesday; our first train ride is getting closer.

Last night’s dinner was quite a culture shock after the slow pace of Clearwater. We ate upstairs in Earls and the noise level was astronomic. Good food, fast service, marred only by someone throwing up not quite over Mary’s back and a happy Japanese dude chucking water all over himself. Take me back to the sticks!

The theme continued last night. Annelies owns at least three cats; we had chosen a downstairs room, having been given the choice when we arrived, unknowingly the the cat’s pen is just outside our bedroom window. I’m sure they have the run of the house when there are no guests. So a slightly disturbed night, when a fight broke out before one of them loudly threw up, just like our very own Dillon does sometimes. I nearly leapt out of bed to chuck him in the utility room and then realised I wasn’t at home! Hindsight; perhaps the first floor might have been quieter?

Talking of eating; I did mean to mention that while eating in the motel in Clearwater,   on two consecutive nights we saw a group of firefighters come into the gaff for dinner. They brought that wonderful smell of burning vegetation in with them and looked black and knackered. So somewhere, not too far away they are still fighting the wretched things.

Today we explored up highway 16, up towards Hinton, (Dear Will, is he still in South Africa?) and got as far as Pocahontas, where we had lunch, after visiting Miette Hot Springs. Fooled by hot springs in New Zealand, we were expecting a bubbling hole in the ground, not a swimming pool peopled by adults and children.

Breakfast is a serve yourself affair from all the goodies that are available and taken on this wonderful Portmeirion collection! Oh yes, and if you don’t drive around in a 4×4 you really are nobody.

Once again, spectacular views along the way.

We saw some creatures but still no second bear! The first, a cute Long Horned mountain sheep juvenile and then a Ruffed Grouse!

Finally to lunch, in complete contrast to last night; the emptiest restaurant in the world!

And then the journey back, stuck in a huge traffic jam because of bridge works; watching people do a “Dynamo” and walk on water.

Tommorow the hire car goes back in the afternoon and Friday we catch the train for a two day trip to Prince Rupert.

Thanks for all your comments!

M & M 🇨🇦🇨🇦