Monday; oh, what a trip!


Meet in the car park at 9-15 were the instructions, so we did. And Gy Ovenden took us on the most fantastic trip. Firstly to Saphats falls which was a short walk and very impressive. At the same time keeping an eye on the eclipse, and although not total in Canada was a good part seen.

On the way back from there hello red squirrel; far too busy with his pine cone to be bothered with us! And the eclipse got bigger.

Then into Gy’s huge truck and off to Moul Falls and a two mile walk there and two miles back. Thanks to Slimming World, I made it; eighteen months ago I don’t think I would have done. It was classed as easy in the book, yeah right! There were slopes, steps and hills but Gy from “Discover Wells Gray” treated me gently and gave us breathing stops, especially on the way back!

You could go behind the waterfall but it was pretty wet. We started back and slowly returned to the car park, very aware we were the only folk in the forest. Gy, because he is licensed, is allowed to cross the no entry signs in place at the moment because of the risk of fire. There is a huge partial closure in place all round the park. Mary spotted a catapillar that would eventually to change into a Spotted Tussock Moth.

So, lunch at Helmcken Falls, named after John Sebastian Helmken from Liverpool! 150 meter drop; Niagara is 53 meters! This is the fourth highest in Canada; which means ‘village’ you know? Mary spotted an Osprey, which did us the great honour of flying back past us clutching a salmon. We of course were clutching our sandwiches not our cameras! Got the hang of those selfies yet Malc? Thought not!

And finally a long horned beatle said hello and we gazed at where bears had scratched trees! We got slightly attacked by mosquitoes but a small price to pay for such a stunning day.


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On the move to Jasper tomorrow. A short three/four hour drive.

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