Saturday; that was a long drive but stunning.


Rimrock Cafe last night was faultless. Mary had the Halibut and I had ribeye steak; both perfect! Our waiter from Wednesday evening said hello and I spotted you on my bike. Walking round the lake on Thursday morning, a bike 🚴 rider passed us and yelled something; it was the waiter but wearing a cycling helmet we just didn’t recognise him and we never did find out what he yelled.

I think I said, there is just enough room in the boot for the two suitcases, just! Bye, bye Nita Lake Lodge and hello petrol station and supplies bought for the seven hour drive.

Along Highway 99, we wondered how bad the smoke would be as two days ago the road was closed due to wildfires. It has been a pretty grim year for these in Canada. The trip was nowhere near as bad as we thought it would be. Some smouldering places and chaos with miles of hose knocking about;and you could smell it.

A great stop for coffee and petrol, at what looked like a gaff straight out of the mid west somewhere. If I didn’t know I was in Canada, I would have plumped for Texas.

We stopped by a lake for lunch; our provisions from the petrol station gratefully scoffed, while watching a Chipmonk eating tiny berries in the bush near us.

Amazing scenery past by on an enormous scale. And slowly we drifted towards Clearwater; again, and I have no pictures yet, I was confused by the houses in remote places, that all seemed to have at least nine old cars rotting away in the garden. I have seen pictures at the camera club of places in America like this but didn’t realise the Canadians went in for it as well!

The B & B is superb, interior photos tomorrow but again we have a lake view!


Dinner beckons but we know not where.

M & M 🇨🇦🇨🇦