Friday……tomorrow we move on.

Ken Shane apologised it was only him for brunch last Sunday; his wife and daughter were busy on a sporting activity. Canada really does cater for young kids he said, there is always something to do to keep them fit. Skiing, cycling, canoeing and many more. And truly you don’t see many overweight kids round these parts. So not unusual then that our hotel, having a lake, a cycle path, a diving board and canoes does attract kids. Not surprisingly last night in the bar snack area (quick service, good food, lovely waitress) the table next to us attracted four children and three adults; transforming the area into an upmarket McDonalds. The head banging music and the high pitched (they are very high the Canadians) children’s voices certainly allowed us to dine in what I shall call an atmospheric environment.

We were sat where the cushion is; the table in the foreground got invaded and the speaker is just above our table. Well, it is holiday time here; the waitress did ask if we wanted to move but what the hell. However, just a word of warning if you are allergic to children this hotel is not for you!

This morning the cloud and rain matched the mood that came with the headline on the iPad that Bruce Forsyth had died. He had not been well for sometime, as we all knew, but it is always a shock. I worked with him on many occasions and he was always good fun and a gentleman and I never once saw him lose his temper; no side to him whatsoever. Anyway, we went for a little walk to sus out supplies from the petrol station that we shall purchase in the morning, for our seven hour drive to Wells Grey Provincial Park and our home until Tuesday The Lake House, Clearwater. Then into the shuttle and off for our final visit to Whistler.

Still full of bikes and a community proud of their place in Olympic history. We visited the Whistler Museum, which detailed the preparation, following the successful bid to host the Olympics; of many road works being conducted all through the night. The museum also had the odd animal knocking about, all of whom died from natural causes.

Hello one beaver and wolf! Onwards for a bit of retail therapy and I bought some light weight trousers, that are also shower proof! Then lunch; where we both got a bit cold sat outside, watching rooks steal stuff and people queuing for a $4-95 lunch and we ended up having coffee inside.

Away past those Olympic Rings pausing for a quick tribute to Les Dawson on the piano and a visit to the Audain Art Museum.

Many pictures and masks inside and some thought provoking works on the state of the planet.

And how is this for a collage?


Back on the shuttle; bye, bye baby bear and husky!

So, there we are; off to Rimrock cafe tonight for dinner. šŸ‘šŸ˜Š

Along with the sad news this morning, came the exciting news from Paul Burton; the final updated manuscript (sounds very grand!) of my autobiography was ready. He has worked so hard to put my ramblings into a readable, sensible format and I will be just so proud to have a copy in my hands!

Thank you all for reading, it really does mean a lot and your comments are always, always appreciated.

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