Tuesday; Whistler and a lake.

I forgot to say, Mary did try the bath in the room at the Wedgewood and her best line as I lay on the bed writing the blog was, “Can you see my head?” And don’t laugh, but I couldn’t!

So today; let’s start with the flowers, eh? No rain, light cloud; just a perfect day for walking. So we grabbed the hotel courtesy bus 🚌 and off we went to town.


But before Whistler back we go to food yesterday. There was obviously some sort of problem in the kitchen all day. We had lunch in the hotel bar area, just a snack place that thinks it is at least three Michelin stars worthy. We ordered but then waited and waited and even Mary when the keen waiter foolishly said, ” Anything, I can get you?” got the reply from her, “Well yes, the food would be good!” Anyway it came but during the wait we saw one burger being sent back by other folk to the kitchen. Fade to black, fade up for dinner time. The main restaurant (well reviewed in lots of write ups) is closed Monday and Tuesday nights, so back to the bar snack place we go. We order and after a wait that is just about acceptable it arrived. During this period we observe another tables burger being sent back. His wait for its return was so long by the time it did appear back, everyone else on his table had finished; so he had the pleasure when it did finally arrive of everyone else watching him eat.

Meanwhile, we summon the waitress, who immediately says,”The bill,” and starts walking and has to be called back, so that rarely for us we can order dessert. Now I’m not an expert but doesn’t table waiting normally go, after the main course, “Would you like dessert or a coffee?” Not round these parts apparently. Anyway we waited and waited and waited and eventually asked where our desserts might have got to. She disappeared and we waited and waited. Now don’t get me wrong, we weren’t going anywhere so it didn’t matter did it? Unfortunately, we couldn’t help comparing this to the Wedgewood experience and there was absolutely no comparison. The desserts finally arrived and to give the lovely lady her due she did extract the cost from the bill. I have never run a restaurant but with only a choice of three desserts on the menu, don’t you prep a few in advance, or am I being naive? And when it did come it was synthetic and didn’t really looked prepared; more like ingredients already in a tube, tin, or bottle and then put together on a plate.


Whistler had some great places to see and some terrific statues and it’s only existed in its present state since 1966. It was home to the Winter Olympics in 2010 and at the moment has bikes everywhere, just everywhere; the Crankworks Whistler Mountain Bike Festival is on, lucky us! The bear statue is so real that apparently dogs bark at it!


Lunch was a very light affair and no alcohol involved! We got the shuttle bus back and then went to look for a highly recommended restaurant for tonight; taking in a short walk round another lake.


A kind of mobile, motorised diving board. Not seen one of those before.


The hotel exterior and that view!

We found the restaurant and came back to book a table; they have a link at reception. Earliest availability was 8-45pm and still being slightly on UK time, it was a no brainer and back to the hotel bar snack place we went. Gulp but…….. a totally different experience to all of yesterday. Quick service, hot food and didn’t see anyone send a meal back. Things may, just may, be looking up!

Perfect…………..the phrase of choice round here.


And relax! 

Hoping if I post again, you might be able to comment this time…..Wednesday.

M & M 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦








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