Monday and we are on the move.

So we say bye, bye for the moment to the staff at the Wedgewood Hotel & Spa. We told Tim, the head waiter (been there 14 years), Ruby the wonderful smiling Chinese trainee, and all the others that we will be back for one night on the 11th of September. We have already booked the table in the restaurant for 7-00pm. You would have to go a long way to find a better atmosphere, a friendlier staff and a more brilliantly run hotel. The room is serviced twice a day, twice a day for Christ’s sake, where else would you find that? At 5pm someone knocked and asked, “Are you OK for towels?”

The Avis experience collecting the car was not too bad. A very long queue; I do have an Avis preferred card, only because of the frequent visits to Switzerland, which because we had booked the holiday through a travel company did me no good at all and lost us about four spaces in the line, by the time a chap had clicked a computer, pressed many buttons on a key bad and said, “No this doesn’t work with a travel booking.”

So, our little blue car sped us out of Vancouver and along Highway 99, with some lovely views on the way to Whistler. And having thought we had struck gold with the room at the Wedgewood, we were to say at the least taken well aback by the room at the Nita Lake Lodge. The view is just stunning; we have a bedroom and a lounge and the bath is in the bathroom but another cupboard opens and blow me down there is the kitchen sink!!!

And I mean the kitchen sink; it’s just to the right of the microwave.

Mary has been busy with her usual flowers and various and I think if it gets a bit chilly we shall have the fire on. Perlease!

Yes that is snow. Well, we are here for five nights so we will just have to suffer it I suppose!

Tomorrow, well who knows; sat in what feels like a small beautifully appointed flat, over looking a lake………we may never move! Only one way to find out, eh?

M & M πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦



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Malcolm and Mary

Malcolm worked for LWT. Mary worked for TRL. They live near Camberley in Surrey and did achieve their life long ambition to visit New Zealand. They have two daughters Laura and Hannah and two grandchildren Zach & Safi. Having done the big trip they then went to Canada, which was amazing. Scroll down it’s all here. They have visited Venice that they both so fell in love with in 2009 again. And recently returned to Lefkada for one week in glorious sunshine. Where next? Well, Canada is calling again in 2019; this time including Alaska. So stay tuned if you enjoy the ups and downs of travelling.

6 thoughts on “Monday and we are on the move.”

  1. Malc….. You really need to get your neck fixed… Any more lean and it will fall off!.. But the place looks wonderful.. Sylv said that!… M&S…

    1. Ha! Now where did your other post vanish to? The bus I think is a ski lift arrival shed, thing. The blue beast is in fact quite small. The two suitcases ‘just’ fit in the boot. All I can say about breakfast this morning is that how pleasing the receding sound of a child crying is.

  2. The food and service will comprise a couple of paragraphs in the next instalment. There, on the edge of your seat now! But don’t wait up till midnight for the post! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€xxxx

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