Sunday and the rain was overnight.

First, the picture I couldn’t upload of the girl in the wet suit and another shot of those amazing home made brooms.

The day dawned cloudy and cool but dry and improved as it went on. Off to the float plane trip round the city and islands at 10-00 am. Needed photo I.D. Which I didn’t have, having not read the small print. Luckily Mary did and they accepted two cards with my name on, phew!

I’m not looking pensive about the flight, honest! I had put the camera accidentally on a setting where all I could see on the viewfinder was technical data and not the picture! I did eventually solve the problem. The twenty minute flight was wonderful with views of boats, ships and houses from a unique angle.

We walked up the exit gang plank and there was Ken Shane waiting for us. An old work colleague from London’s Burning days. He has lived her for 13 years and I probably had not seen him for 20! Off to brunch, very close to where we saw the steam clock yesterday. Lots of catching up to do and very little of the 20 years covered, not surprisingly.

IMG_1867He really hadn’t changed a lot. He drove us back through China Town and described various places on the way. A quick refresh in the hotel and away to the Vancouver Art Gallery, the weather still looking a bit uncertain and a stroll round the Monet exhibition.

A huge collection that was really interesting. Mary loves his work so was in her element, and when we get home to do the blurb book, his pages should look pretty good. We decided not to buy the lovely statue of Her Majesty with a lovely waving right arm for $26-95, but were impressed by the pan pipe player outside the Art Gallery, giving a beautiful rendition of  ‘My heart Will Go On’ from the Titanic film.

So tomorrow off to Avis and out first hire car and away to Whistler, where I have been reliably informed Ted Ayling broke his jaw. (Another LWT chum). Ouch! I wonder if there is a small plaque on the ski slope?


Take care folks. I may take a day off tomorrow (distant very loud……..hurrah!) depends on the wi-fi.

Be lucky M & M 🇨🇦🇨🇦