Standby everyone, here we go!

Dillon has gone to Hannah’s and Deans tonight, bless him.


Thought it was kinder than putting him in a cattery for six weeks. He had a weekend there as an experiment and loved it. I am convinced he thought we had put him in a retirement home, with young people looking after him! He is now 18 years old.

So we have checked in and have our boarding cards for tomorrow. 17-20 from Terminal 3.

Did my last show for the hospital Radio on Sunday. Had a record 7 listeners, thank you. A record………no pun intended!


Thanks to David Fitzgerald for the screen shot! So tune in tomorrow for more news but then there will be a blank before anything from 🇨🇦 Canada.

So, so excited! An A380 going out and a Dreamliner coming back, whatever that means but others have got a bit interested!

OK, take care,

Thanks for reading, M & M ✈️👍😱✈️🎧