A quick burst of Paris.

So, a week tomorrow will see us at Heathrow boarding a nine and a half hour flight to Canada.

But just been to Paris to see Mathieu Howlett, from Wish Me Luck days!

Great to chat over old times. He is still working but is just a tad younger than me! We had a really great time. We walked quite a way and saw an amazing market.

Teaming with life. And then had a stroll round many side streets.

Also wandered round the biggest cemetery in Paris where many famous painters, writers and composers are buried. And also my other French colleague Jean-Louis was cremated. Mixed emotions on a nostalgic trip.

Some good food, some great conversation, some wonderful laughs! We shall see Paris again but Vancouver beckons.

Join us soon; make a note in your diary August 10th is the day.

Thanks for reading M & M šŸ·šŸ·šŸ·