Day four, the check out.

We ended up eating at about 9-45pm last night. Which should have seen me on the floor, luckily it didn’t. I ate lots of biscuits. More lack of communication at the hotel between reception and the Jetty restaurant; “booked a table for nine fifteen,” we said to the nice man,”Oh no you didn’t,” he replied aggressively,” I told her it was nine thirty, not nine fifteen,” so we just accepted once again the cock up and waited. The meal was delicious, the service impeccable, so in the end it wasn’t his fault, eh?

So we checked out, we will go back, it was all OK at breakfast, except I ordered two poached eggs and only got one!



We didn’t have a parrot but we went back to the quayside to see if I could get some better bird shots.


And I got these, so all was really well.



Take care and thanks for reading.

Malcolm and Mary xxx ❤️❤️❤️ A good day, and those three days did feel,like a week! Xxxx