Day Two Christchurch UK.

img_1325And this was dawn on my camera. So thanks Simon Barrett, I think the problem is resolved; assuming it has taken two pictures but I guess I’ll never know for sure until I get back home to the computer.

And Mary’s bird photography goes from strength to strength.


I am beginning to think her camera is better than mine and I bought it for her as a Christmas present. Should have got one for myself!

There was ice this morning round these parts and I got my first picture of a drone. We went into Christchurch and looked round the Priory, which was stunning. And Mary got the reverse view of it that she had taken yesterday.

And for those folk who know the Sandhurst Chapel well; can I point out that the Priory was warm and maybe twice the size. Discuss.

So the day is to finish with a massage for both of us and then a glass of something rewarding.

Nighty, night as they say on all the best antique road trips.


Thank you for reading Mary and Malcolm. šŸ·āš“ļøšŸ“·