Day four, the check out.

We ended up eating at about 9-45pm last night. Which should have seen me on the floor, luckily it didn’t. I ate lots of biscuits. More lack of communication at the hotel between reception and the Jetty restaurant; “booked a table for nine fifteen,” we said to the nice man,”Oh no you didn’t,” he replied aggressively,” I told her it was nine thirty, not nine fifteen,” so we just accepted once again the cock up and waited. The meal was delicious, the service impeccable, so in the end it wasn’t his fault, eh?

So we checked out, we will go back, it was all OK at breakfast, except I ordered two poached eggs and only got one!



We didn’t have a parrot but we went back to the quayside to see if I could get some better bird shots.


And I got these, so all was really well.



Take care and thanks for reading.

Malcolm and Mary xxx ❤️❤️❤️ A good day, and those three days did feel,like a week! Xxxx


Day Three, the last day.

So sad when a hotel you have just written a very good review of suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Last night we both had excellent massages, I had a bit of a swim and dinner was pretty damn good. We both finished with an exotic dessert.

Hot chocolate fondant, spiked with nougat with pistachio ice cream!

So, up until this morning all had been well at the Harbour Hotel and Spa in Mudeford; then we had breakfast. We ordered cooked meals, myself opting again for the vegetarian option and then we waited and waited and waited. Something obviously had gone horribly wrong in the kitchen because having got down to the restaurant by about ten past nine by ten a.m. nothing had appeared. Having enquired twice and once completely the wrong order arrived we ate at about ten past ten. We weren’t in a hurry to go anywhere but the wait was pretty crazy and the apology not very well handled.

But off to Swanage via the ferry at Sandbanks we trotted, well wrapped up for the cold, as the day unlike the others had started out very cloudy and grey and had not improved. Pausing before Swanage at Studland Bay for a little stroll on the very sandy beach and a warming cup of hot chocolate in the Knoll Beach cafe.

Lots of wonderful shells on the beach and amazingly quite a few people and dogs gazing out to sea towards the Old Harry Rocks.

Old Harry Rocks.

Beaches are fun and often especially out of season.

Onwards to the Durlstan Country Park and the Great Globe.

The globe has a fascinating history that space does not allow me to go into here. We had soup in the cafe there, where a dog slept peacefully, which is in a beautifully restored castle and then proceeded in tortuous traffic back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel we thought ‘better book a table for tonight’, only to be told the restaurant was not open because of a private function. Now, would you not have thought that on Wednesday afternoon when we checked in, that someone might just have mentioned that fact to us? I had put a glowing review  yesterday on Trip Advisor, I have just removed it completely and am hoping that I can do another one revealing the ineptitude that unfolded on our last day, in what until then had been a hotel that ticked all the boxes but is now in my eyes pretty mediocre. Shame for tomorrow we leave somewhat disappointed at the final outcome.

Thanks for reading Mary and Malcolm 📸😡😡

Day Two Christchurch UK.

img_1325And this was dawn on my camera. So thanks Simon Barrett, I think the problem is resolved; assuming it has taken two pictures but I guess I’ll never know for sure until I get back home to the computer.

And Mary’s bird photography goes from strength to strength.


I am beginning to think her camera is better than mine and I bought it for her as a Christmas present. Should have got one for myself!

There was ice this morning round these parts and I got my first picture of a drone. We went into Christchurch and looked round the Priory, which was stunning. And Mary got the reverse view of it that she had taken yesterday.

And for those folk who know the Sandhurst Chapel well; can I point out that the Priory was warm and maybe twice the size. Discuss.

So the day is to finish with a massage for both of us and then a glass of something rewarding.

Nighty, night as they say on all the best antique road trips.


Thank you for reading Mary and Malcolm. 🍷⚓️📷