Christchurch, Dorest.


So away for a quick three day break at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa. The theory being when we booked it, that by now right at the end of November Mary would be able to swim. Alas the saga of the coffee spillage goes on and she once again will just have to look at the pool.

dscf2865But it is such a beautiful spot, I’m sure we will find lots to do and Mary is going to treat herself to a couple of nice, long massages.

She has already taken some great pictures but my great pictures will have to wait. I was persuaded at the camera club the other night to take my shots in ‘raw’. The iPad even though it uploaded them happily from the camera does not want to play in this blog. So we shall gaze tonight at Mary’s shots and maybe look at others by me tomorrow.The room has a great view and the facilities are cool.

The bathroom above also has a seperate walk in shower.

Dinner is at seven and I shall puzzle over a glass of something cool, if I should change my camera setting back to JPEG or not. My camera club chums will understand my confusion I’m sure. This is one of Mary’s below and the four above were taken on my iPad, but my best shots remain unseen.


I think we are in for a photographic 48 hours! Here’s hoping.

 The view from our room.

Thank you for reading Mary & Malcolm 📷📸📷