The day dawned with beautiful blue skies for young Zach’s sixth birthday! Hannah blew up the balloons and they were stored in the hammock.

Like all good last blogs this will be mostly pictures of a truly successful day. With 15 children; composed of nine boys and six girls the receipe for disaster turned out only to be in the heads of grumpy adults like me. Two kids didn’t make it but amazingly everyone got on swimmingly. Laurent led the way with games, bubbles and magic! The bouncy trampoline (famous from very many ‘You’ve Been Framed’ clips. Harry Hill, ‘Am I the only person in the world without one of these in their back garden?’ ) erected with Dean’s help was a terrific success.

Dean seen above deciding whether or not to have one more puff on his electronic cigarette! And so to the cake now wonderfully decorated by Laura, brilliantly cooked by Mary, that tasted so wonderful I did allow myself one tiny, tiny slice.

More games then led onto the food and this time the crisps were held back till right at the end; a lesson learned from last year! Everyone in 2015 filled up on crisps, as they hit the table first and a lot of the ‘food’ got left. This year there was no such problem.

imageThe crowds gathered for the cake consumption!

Quite a spread including food cooked on the bar-b-q by Laura. The afternoon drew on and a rather larger balloon sailed majestically across the valley only observed by cows and a few interested adults.

Below Hannah looking interested in something and Laurent and Zach engaged in studying maybe the same something.

The amount of presents that Zach collected looked like a small corner of Hamleys; well quite a large corner actually! And who had the bright idea of turning him into a young William Tell, I’m not too sure but let’s hope he doesn’t find too quickly a volunteer willing to put an apple on top of his head.

So today Sunday we are all off for a meal in a restaurant for lunch as the thought of cooking, after yesterday’s activities, for six adults and two children was somewhat daunting for everyone. And then that will be it; farewell Switzerland after our longest stay ever. Geneva airport will once more seen the Treen’s sadly return to the UK. I was talking to Julian, Laurent’s brother about farming and I was saying what hard work it all looked, also obviously in England. Seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year and no holidays; to which Julian replied, “Yes but what a beautiful office!” Says it all really; so here’s to the next time.

Thank you for reading and take care. Malcolm Ā & Mary šŸ‚šŸ‚šŸ‚āœˆļø