If the Swiss bar-b-q season had started yesterday because of the wonderful sunshine it came to an abrupt end last night at about ten o’clock. The rain hammered down. God (if he does exists…see day 3) in his infinite wisdom decided to open the heavens and let the rain come down, testing the drainage and the guttering on the new extension to its full capacity. And when it’s like that and still like that this morning, you just don’t want to go out and sit in a flower pot.

Laurent had come home late last night and appeared to say hello to the gang at breakfast and Mary and I took Zach in the car to the pick up point for the school bus and then onwards once more to the co-op that we are now as familiar with as Waitrose in Yateley. A call from the guys who are going to clear Auntie Joan’s house down in Devon confirming that all the rest of the furniture can be removed on May 26th. Amazingly they found more documents, some jewellery and some Ā£5 coins, in two draws in mums bed that we had no idea existed! They are going to leave it all out on the bed and we can collect it on Wednesday May 25th. We shall watch them cart the gear away on the Thursday and that will be that, our long association with Devon will finally be over.

Both cats spent a lot of time indoors the weather being so showery and wet. And so did we. Tomorrow Mary will be mostly baking in preparation for Zachs party on Saturday and I shall be picking up Laura, Hannah and Dean at the railway station tomorrow at around 7-15p.m. So a short blog tonight as not a lot happened!

I must mention one wonderful thing that did happen on day 1 as we arrived and I exchanged greetings with Zach was his observation, “Your French is much better, I think.” So just the six French lessons I had at night school had paid off. I was impressed.

Thankyou for reading. Malcolm & Mary šŸ‚šŸ‚šŸ‚šŸŒ²šŸŒ²šŸŒ²šŸŒ²