Only 08-40 a.m. and already the tranquillity of the valley is broken by screaming and tears from the playroom over the possession of marbles. One feels as an adult if the row had been over ‘does God exist?’ the excuse for a good family punch up would be much more justified but I guess when you are ages six and three the quantity of marbles that you own are high debating stakes indeed. The day has dawned bright and sunny but with still a cool breeze in the air, which is good for perambulating and generally mucking about.

So away to Romont to re visit a play area with slides and swings that we have been to before. Anything to keep them both away from iPads and computers, which are great to expand their creative minds if they are both to grow up to be computer programmers (which on current showing, is highly likely and if you have any immediate IT issues, Zach I am sure, would be happy to help.) but they don’t exercise the body or get fresh air down their lungs. Gone are the days of a little afternoon nap, for the moment this now applies both to me as well as them, and their energy remains at a phenomenally high level during the entire day. I have hunted for the mains switch to turn them both off or the batteries to remove but alas no luck; so we have to maintain our energy levels in order just to keep up.

So we found the swings and various we had visited before, leaving the house to look after itself. A view in the utility room always reminds me of the inside of a submarine engine room; not that I have ever been in one but if I ever did it surely would closely resemble the shots below.

Anyway I digress; back to the swings and remember although the sun is shining you will notice everyone has a coat on! And the view is almost what you can see behind the swings, how fantastic is that?

The first time we came here Zach wasn’t too sure about the rope slide (that’s it on the left below) and I had to help him on; he has quickly conquered it and now mounts the beast himself.

Safi likes playing in a little wooden Wendy house and posed outside for publicity pictures. As well as playing on the see-saw assisted by Mary.

Everyone one had a go on the springy bike things and the session ended with a game of football, where Zach saved many goals but Safi scored a real beauty.

Coffee at the co-op and more light shopping before home for a light lunch of sausage (chicken for me) and baked beans. Cutting up and making stuff to keep eyes off eye pads and another day passes reasonably peacefully and into the history books. One wonderful moment when deciding whose turn to shoot at goal Safi pronounced,”Ce’st moi.” I replied translating and hoping she might repeat,” It’s me!” To which she replied emphatically,” Non, ce’st moi!” You couldn’t write it.


Oh and yes and Mary is still taking lovely pictures of flowers, as well as some of the above. And cats are sitting in strange places round these parts!

Thanks for reading Malcolm & Mary ⚽️⚽️