Sunday and more meetings.

The one thing that startled us on arrival, that I forgot to mention on Friday, was the bizarre habit but everybody does it, of having to drive on the pavement down most of the lanes if another vehicle approaches. Do they tell you to do this if you hire a car? The taxi from the airport constantly went up on the pavement and then helpfully explained why he did it in response to our gasps from the back. It’s like playing a continuous game of chicken if a vehicle comes straight at you and the pavevent is on their side; you have to believe that just before he hits you he will mount the kerb.

Last nights dinner was like eating in a different hotel. We were both pleasantly surprised and breathed a big sigh of relief, thoroughly enjoying the food and the company. The chat by Richard Harding (formerly West) after the meal was well worth listening to. Starting his early years on a pirate radio ship just off Isreal, ‘The voice of Peace” and progressing to Radio Caroline and earning the nick name of the laughing DJ, he then went on eventually to join Island FM. (Rob Ashard would have enjoyed this).

Before the last H.B.A. Southern Regional meeting, two founders of Jubilee Radio David Eaton and Barry Bridel recalled their early years putting hospital radio in Guernsey on the map.

imageBelow is also a surprise on this island; they still have one pound notes. Try spending that in Waitrose on your return home.

imageThey also have their own coins intermingled with Jersey currency that somehow I am going to have to sort out before we glide into Southampton tomorrow.

While all the above was going on Mary, a bit hospital radioed out by now, went for a goodly walk along the coast; taking some cracking pictures along the way. A selection below.

She walked quite a way and got back exactly as we finished and sat down for sandwiches and Diet Coke. I know, I know SO unlike me but blame Slimming World.

So tonight we are off for a ‘team’ meal in a restaurant in town. So the hotel will not get the pleasure of our company again to eat, except of course for breakfast tomorrow.

Sleep well and thank you for reading. M & M ⛵️⚓️👍🍷